Application Development

improve the effectiveness of your systems, and increase productivity

Custom software development can streamline complex processes, improve the effectiveness of your systems, and increase productivity. núcleo started out as software development specialist, and though we’ve grown a lot since then, it is still a big part of what we do.

At núcleo, our experienced software and development team can provide you with custom applications and database solutions tailored to your exact needs. From startups to established conglomerates, we can scope, design and develop software to empower your business on desktop and mobile.


Say goodbye to stock standard software. Planning, designing and developing custom websites and applications is núcleo’s forte.


Custom web applications

Web applications are software that runs in a web browser.

Web Apps can be updated and maintained without needing to distribute and install new software. The advantage of this is that your software can be supported by constance maintenance and ongoing updates — from anywhere, at any time, on mobile, tablet, or computer.

Our custom web applications are cost-effective, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable. Your customers can enjoy a seamless user experience, and your staff can benefit from increased productivity and improved workflows.

API Integration

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow websites and programs to connect and share information back and forth instantaneously.

This software-to-software communication can run digital processes behind the scenes, and automate previously manual workflows. That means less time spent coordinating software systems, and more time focussing on your business.

By working with núcleo to integrate APIs and connect custom CRMs, web apps, and mobile apps, your company can take advantage of faster, smarter and more efficient online business.

IOS & Android Applications

With a phone in every pocket and a tablet in every bag, developing an app is a great way to bring your products, services, and business directly into your customers’ hands.

Portable devices have revolutionised the way we communicate, and núcleo’s developers are well-practiced in building streamlined and responsive business apps.

We build custom-made apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Your new app can incorporate high quality video, photography, audio, and navigation. Plus, núcleo can provide ongoing support and development, even after the launch of your mobile app.

Custom CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are arguably one of the most important parts of your business’s marketing plan.

With núcleo’s custom CRM software, you can manage client data, maximise information, and interact with your customers.

Our approach to CRM offers a coherent and concise system to import and design custom reports, with the option to create loyalty programs, purchase records, communication records, and much more. We can help you create a custom CRM system that will meet your business’s specific needs.

Technical Consulting

At núcleo, we are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance of our services to our clients.

Our software specialists offer reliable and comprehensive technical consulting services.

We can help you achieve greater productivity, strong security for your data, and high-quality digital services. Join us in a results-oriented relationship, and enjoy the peace of mind of extensive technical management for your business.

Database Solutions

Gather, share, and manage your business information with our high-quality database solutions.

We can develop the ideal services to aid your organisation in managing contacts, tracking campaigns, processing sales orders, organising products and services, and generally supporting your business as it grows and develops.

Let núcleo help you to simplify your data access, and discover new opportunities involved with your critical business information.

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