Everything you need to learn about blog writing

6th May 2021

Name It Yes, this refers to giving your blog a compelling title that is clickable and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly. While it is easy to give your blog a generic title, it is absolutely paramount that you consider how important it is to grab a potential reader's attention. The...

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Content

26th March 2021

Mistake 1: You only think of the search engine Many make the mistake of thinking primarily about the search engine when creating the content. This means that the text is optimized correctly and thus rank better. However, readers usually cannot do anything with such a text, since it is either...

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10 Tips For Better Landing Pages

26th January 2021

Landing pages and SEO: what needs to be considered? In terms of search engines, the landing page has no meaning. Thus, for example, when creating the content for the landing page, you do not need to include a keyword that could influence the ranking in the search engine. Nevertheless, it...

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What are Hashtags and why should I use them?

23rd September 2020

The first Hashtag was used on Twitter back in 2007 by a social technology expert named Chris Messina. Since then, hashtags have become a widely used technique to categorise a vast range of images and comments posted on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So why should a...

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Social Media Myths for Business Owners

4th September 2020

We have identified 5 major myths to help you push past and adapt to the ever changing world of modern social media.   Myth One - “Posting multiple photos per day/week will attract more likes.” Remember, quality over quantity. While posting regular images is not a bad thing, it is the engaging...

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Digital Marketing Basics

15th June 2020

What is Digital Marketing? It refers to the behind the scenes kind of marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s measured and monitored by analytics and various other metrics, usually by a specialist who is trained to interpret those specific types of data sets. It combines a variety of approaches...

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What is SEO and why does your website need it?

27th May 2020

It can be a complex concept, with several factors working in conjunction with each other, but in basic terms, it just means making your website more visible. The two main principles of SEO are firstly about knowing your target audience, and secondly about understanding how to deliver that information in...

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Why is Social Media so Important?

20th April 2020

Take a look at mobile technology for example: smartphones and tablets are the most rapidly innovating section of the communications industry. As mobile device ownership increases, so too does our immersion into the digital world. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram benefited greatly from our collective desire to...

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10 top rules of SEOs

1st April 2020

Rule 1: Keep an eye on the target group It is particularly important for search engine optimization that you keep an eye on the desired target group. Finally, you ultimately build the entire marketing concept around this. So you have to determine in advance exactly which users you want to...

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