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Most of us will spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. We travel to the same office, we sit in the same chair, and we stare at the same computer to do the same work beside the same people. This sort of perpetual existence could be soul-crushing in the wrong atmosphere.
But not at núcleo.

Here at núcleo we know that a good workplace means happy workers means focused minds means better results for our clients. We have staff events, like May the Fourth celebrations, and fancy dress contests. But we’re not all about play.

We work hard, and get to work with some amazing clients to produce even more amazing results. Our multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team members work closely together across all aspects of our client’s work. Think you have something to add to our team? Get in touch and tell us what you can do.

Current Positions Available

núcleo is looking for a videographer to work in our Wollongong office, we need someone who loves to work in a team and knows the difference between good content and great content. Someone who will use their skills, talents and exceptional taste to help us produce visual communication for our clients.

núcleo is seeking a digital marketing genius — someone who loves getting results, pays attention to detail, and can determine actionable steps from data on AdWords, Google Analytics and Social Media.

Do you have agency experience? That’s super, apply below. Don’t have agency experience? That’s swell, apply below anyway. As long as you have experience, you still could be a fit.

núcleo needs a creative and clever Marketing Consultant to join our team in Tamworth. We’re looking for someone who can develop and coordinate marketing strategies, and help us deliver real results. Ideally, you’ll have a tertiary qualification in marketing or communications; or heaps of relevant experience.

Fill out the form below and let us know what you can add to the núcleo team.

núcleo needs a UI Developer to join our team of experienced user interface designers and developers in Armidale. We’re looking for someone who is passionate and driven and thrives in a team environment.

Fill out the form below and let us know what you can add to the núcleo team.

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The núcleo workplace weirdos

núcleo has mastered the skill of unique productivity.

We know that a good workplace means happy workers means focused minds means better results for our clients. Because we are a fairly small business, the importance of social interaction and close-knit relationships becomes tenfold in order to ensure that each team member feels self-satisfied, dedicated to the job, and content among their fellow weirdos.

How do we do this? With team events. Somewhat random team events.

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The núcleo team

We have gathered a talented team of strategic thinkers, passionate creatives and technical whizzes who deliver real results.

Developers with the knack for design, videographers with the knowledge for campaigning, marketers with a finger on every pulse — núcleo has them all. This results in a team who can collaborate their multifaceted skills and ensure the quality and consistency of your projects.

The wealth of experience our staff have gained, working domestically and abroad, strengthens the mechanics of what we produce — and makes shared stories around the water cooler fascinating!

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mobile about us

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