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Enhancing the brand and global online presence of Australia’s Academic and Research Network.

Pioneering the internet since 1989

Australia’s Academic & Research Network, AARNet, is a national resource — a National Research & Education Network (NREN), which provides a very high speed network and collaboration services for Australia’s research and education community. This includes universities, research organisations, schools, vocational training providers, galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

AARNet wished to overhaul their brand to better reflect their services and values. They enlisted núcleo for the design of multiple brochures, white papers, digital graphics and other collateral, plus the development of a website that would allow global visitors to collaborate and easily access information.

A brand for the masses

núcleo has been working with AARNet and its sister sites (AARNet News and In The Field Stories) to develop a cohesive brand identity. Over one million researchers, faculty, staff and students connect and collaborate through AARNet; accordingly, the AARNet brand needs to be strong, consistent and appealing to communicate with this varied research and education community.

We designed the AARNet brand to be professional, recognisable, and reflective of their industry pursuits. This look was carried across their corporate collateral, internal communications, and the AARNet and AARNet News websites.

Our design team also worked with AARNet’s Media and Communications Manager to create a branding style guide, enabling the seamless re-creation of the brand for future proposals and projects.




Custom web solutions

AARNet is a highly regarded and well-respected figure in the STEM industry. Their website is a rich source of information, articles, case studies, and collaborations that are relevant to the research and education community. Needless to say, the density of the site and its content called for a design that was clear, concise, and easy to navigate.

Our design and development teams produced a sleek design with intuitive drop-down menus, search function, social media integration, and optimised layouts. The websites were developed in the WordPress CMS (content management system), which allowed us to build visually stunning websites that enable AARNet staff to control the content when needed. This includes being able to modify text, add pages, change images, and create publicly accessible resources.

The website themes were custom-built by our in-house team, and incorporated fundamental on-page SEO settings to improve the visibility of AARNet’s online presence. Integrated news and MailChimp feeds round out the site and create an unbeatable user experience.


Long-lasting client partnerships

The núcleo team has formed an ongoing partnership with AARNet, and continues to produce and deliver their business cards, flyers, infographics, and website updates. With a functional website and a distinct brand, AARNet is able to provide a cohesive experience for their online visitors, while also encouraging increased engagement.


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