Animated Video Production

Challenge Community Services


Nearly 1 in 100 children are in need of foster care today. Challenge Community Services is one of the largest community support services in NSW, and is passionate about helping people to become foster carers.


  • Video Production
  • Animation Production
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Campaign Creative


Challenge Community Services required an animated promotional video for their Children’s Services branch, in order to attract more people to become foster carers.


They wished to communicate the need for more foster carers, but wanted something more than a bland info-video. We scripted, illustrated, storyboarded and animated the piece in an ongoing collaboration with the client.

The fairytale-esque storyline of the video was conceived with the intent to express the warm and desirable impact of foster caring, furthered through the use of a slightly outlandish and vibrant colour scheme.

Fostercare-1 (1)

Fostercare-1 (4)Fostercare-1 (5)

Fostercare-1 (6)
Fostercare-1 (7)
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