Animated Video Production

Regional Australia Bank


Regional Australia Bank, formerly the Community Mutual Group, is a customer owned bank who have been helping regional Australians achieve their goals for more than 45 years.


  • Animation Production
  • Graphic Design Services


Regional Australia Bank enlisted núcleo for an ongoing series of animated infographic videos, which would promote their services and celebrate their new brand story.


Rebranding is a big deal for any business, particularly when it involves changing both name and logo. It is important to communicate these changes to your customers, and to reinforce the values that you will continue to uphold.

Regional Australia Bank wished to address their new brand identity across multiple channels, including animated videos for digital platforms. núcleo scripted, storyboarded and animated these videos, plus edited the soundtrack and voice-over. The script for each project held a balance of tone between empathetic and educational. The voice-over was professionally narrated to establish a human connection — an important consideration for this community-minded bank.

The animations use simple graphics and seamless transitions to make the content more approachable and easy to absorb. The colour scheme is extrapolated from the Regional Australia Bank logo, to strengthen their brand recognition and create an ongoing story.

Our central goal with each infographic was to uncomplicate the complicated. By using uncluttered visuals and concise language, we are able to clearly communicate the Regional Australia Bank’s propositions, whilst reinforcing their stance as a people-oriented institution.

Regional Australia Bank Logo

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