Graphic Design & Book Publishing

C.C. Chickpea


Offbeat, irreverent and charming, The Beak was written and illustrated by a local girl and her school friends. The profits from the book go to Little Wings, an organisation that flies sick children from rural areas to medical care in the city.


  • Brand Identity Development
  • Photography
  • Brand Rollout & Management
  • Social Media Management


We were approached to design the layout and publish the book. We then worked to promote the story and encourage sales in the community.


núcleo conducted numerous marketing efforts to engage the local community in the book’s release, including a publicised launch, promotional videos, social media engagement on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and a responsive website design with an online store.

We also engaged in the ongoing creation and management of social media posts and promotional materials.

the beak logo

copies of The Beak
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pages from The Beak
pages from The Beak
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pages from The Beak

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