Media Production

Baxter Boots & Shoes


Baxter Boots & Shoes is a manufacturer and wholesaler of iconic riding boots, western boots, work boots, gum boots, and more.


  • Promotional Video Production
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Creative Direction


Our aim was to create brand awareness for Baxter Footwear, a thriving and long-lived Australian company, through a promotional video.


The Baxter Boots story is one of success and determination that continues through five generations of Aussie boot makers. We wanted to highlight the brand’s longevity and family values through a professional television commercial.

Our production time for videos like this is efficient and well-practiced. We use the same videographer or team throughout the project, to ensure the final video is consistent in style and tone.

Our team travelled to Goulburn to communicate with the client, discuss the concept and script, and obtain authentic footage. To create that central focus on Baxter Footwear’s long heritage, footage was captured of families wearing the products in diverse settings — Baxter’s factory, manor, and Lyton Farm. The shot sequence was edited with the addition of a professional recorded voice-over.

The final product was aired on regional TV and through digital advertising with great success.

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