Media Production

Practical Systems


Practical Systems has been building software for Australian Agriculture and small business since 1992. Stock Book is a new application for individual stock management.


  • Promotional Video Production
  • Scripting/Concepting
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Photography
  • Creative Direction


Practical Systems engaged the núcleo filmography team to produce and edit a 2-3 minute promotional video that would share and explain what the Stock Book software can do.


núcleo ensures that our video production projects are completed wholly by one videographer or a small team. This provides a cohesive look from start to finish.

For Practical Systems, our film team prepped a script and shot list, and travelled out to Cressbrook to work with Duncan, a sheep farmer who uses  Stock Book for individual stock management when drafting ewes.

The aim for this video was to show how even a one-man operation can effectively use Stock Book to improve their farming lifestyle. Featuring Duncan’s testimonials allowed us to create a more personable and friendly product, emphasising the simplicity, ease of use, and organic benefits of the software.

Feedback for the video was highly positive, with CTAs at the end helping to improve conversion rates for the app.

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