KUHN Farm Machinery


The KUHN Group has been manufacturing farm and agricultural machinery for farmers since 1828. They offer products and services to an increasing number of customers worldwide.


  • Post-Production Editing
  • Radio Advertisement Production


KUHN Farm Machinery working with C7EVEN Communications, engaged núcleo to edit a promotional national finance TVC and radio advertisement, under the direction of Adam Arndell from C7EVEN Communications.


KUHN is an international brand with a wide range of products and services. For this particular project, KUHN was eager for us to promote their farm machinery finance, and highlight the Hay and Silage machinery (including mowers, rakes and bailers) as part of a ‘Spring Preparation’ campaign.

C7EVEN, a regional communications and marketing agency engaged núcleo to produce a 30 second national TV campaign, from existing footage. With such a small time-frame, it was essential that our final edits showcase eye-catching footage, with concise language and a memorable message. The video begins and ends with the KUHN logo, ensuring strong brand recognition throughout the entirety of the ad. This is accompanied by a closing image with the company’s slogan and website, helping to carry viewers from TV to online, and thus improve web traffic.

Additionally, núcleo produced a radio advertisement that similarly required efficient use of our communication skills to connect with listeners. Repetition and simplicity are critical for an effective radio ad; we also used compelling music and clear narration to grab and hold the attention of potential customers.

Kuhn Logo

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