Video Production

Achmea Australia


Achmea Australia is an insurer for Australia’s unique farming community. With around 13 million clients worldwide, they are one of the world’s largest mutual insurers.


  • Video Production
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Drone Videography


Achmea is a farm insurance mutual — insurance by farmers, for farmers. núcleo was tasked with production to capture this unique difference to farmers throughout Australia.


Farm insurance has specific needs that only farmers can fully understand. Achmea is owned by farmers to support farmers. They have a distinct model of how they assess a farm, and they educate farmers on ways they could improve their properties to bring their premiums down. Achmea’s approach to insurance is unique in the industry.

This project was completed in conjunction with C7EVEN Communications, who coordinated the concept and hired núcleo for production.

Our videography team provided video production and editing, with footage gathered over a week of filming on location in regional NSW. The final video features drone landscape footage, first-person shots, testimonials, and support locations shots. The diversity of this footage resulted in a high-quality video that told a cohesive and abstract story, effectively explaining how Achmea’s insurance is tailored specifically to the needs of Australian farmers.

The video ends with a simple graphic, displaying Achmea’s logo and the intriguing statement: ‘Farm insurance that started with a glass jar’. This closing image tested well with viewers, managing to pique their interest and encourage them to seek out the Achmea website and learn more about the brand.

Achmea Logo

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