Video Productions



Kambala is an independent, Anglican, day and boarding school for girls in Rose Bay. Located on a campus near Sydney Harbour, Kambala encourages academic, sporting and creative excellence from Early Learning to Year 12.


  • Promotional Video Production
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Photography
  • Drone Photography & Videography
  • Digital Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Graphic Design Services


Kambala has worked with núcleo to produce a series of campaign videos that promote the school to local and international audiences. Their objective was to communicate to potential students what the school offers and represents.


núcleo has worked with Kambala for several years, producing annual promotional videos for the school, and several additional smaller projects that centre around the students.

These videos are marketed not only throughout Australia but also overseas, targeting an international market of potential students. Our goal was to display the variety of educational and social opportunities that Kambala offers, and accurately portray the school and its region.

Each video required approximately two half-days of filming, wherein our videographers sought out aspects of boarding, location and the school. Variety was key, with footage being gathered of sports, science, academics, activities, students engaging in class, students spending time together, and so forth.

Like the school, these videos are a vibrant experience that feature spectacular visuals and capture the heart of Kambala. Testimonials were used to highlight the energy, optimism and personable connection of the school, as well as to add a powerful sense of credibility to the marketing. Continuing this trend, we produced multiple documentary-style videos that centred around some of the Kambala students. These videos, titled ‘Annie’s Story’, ‘Alex’s Story’ and so on, gave a unique voice to Kambala’s story, and allowed us to better connect with prospective students.

núcleo’s turnaround time for these types of videos is quick and efficient. We ensure the same staff member or small team carries out the project, from filming through to final edits, to provide a consistent vision.





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