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FMRC has been delivering workshops, seminars, and professional training to national law firms, boutique practices and progressive firms for over 30 years.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Style Guide Development
  • Graphic Design Services
  • eCommerce Development & Customisation
  • QA Testing


FMRC enlisted núcleo to rework their branding and build a new website, which would handle online sales with custom functionality specific to their industry.


Through the concept development process, our design team arrived at the theme of bees working efficiently, both as individuals and as part of a whole. This principal can been seen as a quality equally embodied by legal professionals, and was captured in the hexagonal shape used as a logo throughout FMRC’s website and branding — reminiscent of both the chamber of a hive and of the barrister’s chamber.

The typography is friendly yet professional. Its openness and geometry makes it highly legible, which is ideal for communicating ideas in a straightforward, confident manner.

The new website provides a clean, crisp design with dark, rich colours. The palette is classic and calm, portraying a sense of efficiency and authenticity. This theme was carried over to the print material, providing the brand with a cohesive and striking overhaul.

Additionally, our software and development team customised the site to suit FMRC’s services and industry. This included the integration of a custom calendar plug-in, a carousel function for ‘Current Workshops’, a stylised customer email template, the eWAY Payment plug-in, and other professional alterations to improve navigation.

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FMRC logo


FMRC logo



FMRC website device mockups

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