Website Design & Development

Whitebull Hotel


Located centrally in a renovated 1870s building, Whitebull Hotel is a popular venue for dining, functions, and entertainment in Armidale, NSW.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Copywriting


Whitebull Hotel wanted to revitalise their brand and improve their digital marketing with a new website, including design services and written content.


núcleo built a custom website for Whitebull, which preserved and emphasised the existing logo to improve brand recognition and heighten the aesthetic appeal.

Working from the ground up, our team developed a site with improved navigation and fully-integrated social media feeds, allowing the Whitebull to remain connected with their customers.

The written content was also reworked, ensuring viewers could easily learn about the Hotel’s services, menus, and upcoming events. Utilising extensive keyword research also allowed us to improve the Whitebull’s Google ranking and SEO.

Whitebull Hotel Logo

Whitebull Hotel
Whitebull Hotel

Whitebull Hotel Website Design

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