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Coastal Homes Australia


Coastal Homes Australia evolved from the idea to deliver bespoke and architecturally inspired homes throughout the Illawarra and beyond. They pride themselves on creating dream homes for everyone — building your tomorrow.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Integration of ‘Inclusions’ Brochure
  • Website Development
  • Redefining UX


Coastal Homes Australia was in need of a new website that seamlessly showcased their range of bespoke homes, allowed users to navigate from page to page, and integrated their print ‘inclusions’ brochure to a digital setting.


For a high-end building company like Coastal Homes Australia, visual appeal is key. To accomplish this, we designed a layout that optimised space and made home images the heros of each page. Juxtaposing bold imagery against white space heightened the visual appeal of Coastal Homes Australia’s work, and showcased the grand scale of these beautiful homes.

Another significant factor was ensuring information was easily accessible and user experience (UX) was seamless. Along with making the website aesthetically appealing, we sought a solution to integrate the existing print ‘inclusions’ brochure in a simple-to-use digital format. We achieved this by creating distinct categories for bathrooms, exteriors, interiors and kitchens, where various inclusions can be easily viewed and adjusted by Coastal Homes Australia when required.

The project was a great success for our client, achieving our goal of showcasing the high-end workmanship of Coastal Homes Australia, and emphasising the value of the brand in the Shellharbour region.

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