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DVM Law was formed in 2017 through the merging of two highly respected practitioners: Stephen Digby and Stephen von Muenster (‘the Stephens’). DVM Law specialises in high quality legal services for a range of industries, including advertising and PR agencies, film, the arts, communications, marketing and media law.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Redefining UX
  • Creating Seamless Navigation
  • Integration of Blogs
  • Integration of Plug-Ins
  • Custom WordPress Development


DVM Law required a website that would creatively showcase their services and company journey. It needed to communicate their brand message, utilise organic search engine optimisation (SEO), refine the user experience (UX), effectively translate their work to a wide audience, and allow user to easily contact DVM Law.


Our design and development teams compiled their ideas to create a website that presented the legal industry in a different light. We focussed on making the website visually appealing, providing a seamless user experience, and guiding the user through a creative journey that explains how DVM Law handles legal matters.

núcleo built a website that features eye-catching imagery, concise information to help the user make informed decisions, and strong call-to-action buttons (CTAs) across every page to ensure visitors can easily contact DVM Law when required.

The site was brought to life with dynamic graphic design and a seamless slider in the header — unique features that would appeal to the target market and stand out in the competitive law marketplace.

The DVM Law website offers a coherent user experience, allowing individuals to easily navigate through content and discover the services DVM Law provides. And with the integration of a blog, a media plug-in, and social media links, ‘the Stephens’ of DVM Law are able to keep their brand on top of search engine rankings and on the forefront of their customers’ minds.

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DVM Responsive Website Design

DVM Responsive Website Design
DVM Responsive Website Design

DVM Responsive Website Design

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