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Use the power of video to connect your brand to your audience.

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Looking for video production for your business?

Do you need innovative video production services? núcleo is your local production partner for all things related to video and media. Our videography team are passionate about audiovisual communication — and they know how to tell a great story!

Video marketing is a powerful way to engage your audience and add value to your brand. Video content accounts for up to 90 per cent of the world’s internet traffic, making it a highly effective way to drive sales, share information, and improve your online visibility.

núcleo assigns a single videographer or small team to each filming project. This is how we ensure a consistent style and vision for your video, from storyboarding through to final edits. We pride ourselves on efficient turnaround times above industry standard.

Compel your audience! Contact núcleo today for branded, high-quality videos suited to your business’s needs in TV, cinema and online advertising.

Our media production services include:


  • TV commercials
  • Testimonials
  • Product videos
  • Cinema advertising
  • Explainer and ‘how to’ videos
  • Social media videos
  • Drone footage

  • Storyboarding
  • Video editing
  • Photography
  • Branded content
  • Video marketing strategy
  • Animation and motion graphics

Why núcleo for video production?

Approach – We get to know your business to produce videos that work.

Quality – We shoot in Ultra HD, allowing you to get stills from the video.

Efficiency  – We deliver the results you’re looking for, on time and on budget.

Simple – We manage the entire production process, saving you time.

Video Production

Capture the essence of your brand with shareable content

Branded content allows your business to connect with customers without the marketing ploys. núcleo can incorporate the integrity and personality of your brand into your video content to attract attention and communicate the desired messages. Our collaborative team of videographers, designers and marketing coordinators can devise brand strategies that educate, enthral, and emphasise your key values.



Create impressive and visually engaging HD footage

Television advertising can be a highly influential way to share your message. Our team’s talents include script-writing, sourcing talent, post­-production editing, animating and more. núcleo uses the latest technologies and equipment to produce superior results. We shoot in 4K using RED DSMC cameras to create cinema­-ready footage, and bring animations to life with our skilled use of graphics, audio, and special effects.

Visually define the worth of your business

Photographs attract immediate attention and communicate in ways that written content cannot. The professional photographers at núcleo have years of experience in capturing and enhancing images for business use. We will discuss your requirements, audience, and objectives, and organise every aspect of the shoot. The end result will be high quality photos that promote the heart of your company.


Share your videos with a massive online audience

YouTube has become one of the fastest growing online sites, providing powerful potential for your business to connect with customers. núcleo’s 4K media quality ensures that all of our videos are internet ready. Not only can we create stunning productions for any industry, service, product or purpose, we can also ensure that your video content is seen, shared and supported by the right audience.

How video can help your business

Four reasons why video can take your business to the next level

  1. Video is the most sought after and shared content on the internet – YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine, with videos accounting for over 90% of the world’s internet traffic. People are increasingly bypassing websites, and even bypassing Google, to search for content on YouTube. Having video content to share puts you ahead of your competitors, and gets people talking about your business.
  2. Video open up new channels to promote your business – Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and many others provide businesses with a range of options to get their messages across. Videos can be embedded and help to increase traffic to your website. Plus, the more time people spend on your website, the greater your search engine optimisation (SEO).
  3. Differentiate your business from your competition – While your competitors are spending time watching videos, you could be creating them! Media production is a highly influential tool that opens your brand to a wide scope of viewership. Your competition may not know much about video marketing, which gives you the distinct advantage of being able to grab your customer’s attention.
  4. Video is the most powerful way to tell a story line – The best salespeople know that marketing is most successful when it’s less about the product and more about the people behind it. Every product has a unique story about why it was created and what it can do for you. Videos are a means for rich storytelling, which will lead people back to your business and give your brand credibility.