Resident Kid

Creative digital marketing campaigns to help a legendary skater wear business get noticed in Australia.

Introducing the next generation

Resident Kid is an emerging retail business that provides children’s clothing, skater wear, boards and paraphernalia for the “scabby kneed, obnoxious and fearless local grom” of Australia. Their brand targets the next generation of kids who are busting to check the surf or grind the bowl. Resident Kid enlisted núcleo for a digital marketing campaign that would get them noticed, improve their sales, and strengthen their brand awareness Australia-wide.

Selling a rad range of gear

Our web and design teams created new landing page templates through Shopify to effectively promote and sell Resident Kid’s products, as well as gain greater brand awareness in the market of kids skater wear. The landing pages kept the minimal brand in mind, and emphasised the products by showcasing them with sharp images. This led to a decreased bounce rate, meaning individuals are staying on the website for longer; the content is relevant and the user experience is functionally sound.

We also created a dynamic MailChimp template for our email-direct marketing, which allows Resident Kid’s staff to regularly schedule emails and curate their own campaigns easily.

Advertising to local groms

núcleo trialled various different promotions to better understand Resident Kid’s target audience and the channels that perform best with those customers. We found that a large proportion of the website traffic comes from social referrals. We designed Facebook, YouTube and AdWords advertising with stylish imagery and the right keywords to further this traffic and improve brand visibility. Use of targeted advertising and remarketing tools proved particularly effective on Facebook, which saw significant improvements in user engagement. Additionally, Facebook reach increased month-on-month since the ad targeting was adjusted to include people interested in surfing.

Essentially, that means we are getting Resident Kid’s brand and advertising in front of relevant consumers who are more likely to click, like, comment and otherwise interact with their posts.

Continuing to promote brand growth

The núcleo team continues to work with Resident Kid to create unique digital campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of their advertising. Continual advertising across Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram and YouTube will bring more consumers to the website, increasing engagement and gross sales.

With sales, web traffic and overall brand awareness stabilised at higher levels, Resident Kid is able to embrace the next generation of local groms. Meanwhile, núcleo will explore the possible benefits of experimentation with consumer targeting and ad assets for even greater digital results.