Fully customised eCommerce solutions for a leading school uniform supplier.

Project Background

Ranier needed an updated website that correctly positioned the company as a market leader within the uniform industry. The design needed to be modern and functional, with the public section of the website designed to showcase the company, products and to entice new clients to connect. The shop section needed to make the registering, purchasing and booking features as simple as possible for the end users, while the administration area needed to provide simple order processing, booking notifications, shop setups and sales reporting. The núcleo web development team partnered with Ranier to develop smart and functional solutions to all of their eCommerce requirements.

What We Did

When you’re an industry leader, the first impression you make is extremely important. When designing the Ranier site it was important for it to be professional, informative and effortlessly functional. Our customised web design works alongside their branding to deliver a presence fitting of a market leading company.

Sometimes out of the box options just aren’t good enough. Rainier had some very specific requirements from the website, and we set about custom building a solution that was just right for them.

User Friendly Customised Software

In order to provide the easy to use, multifunctional ordering system that Ranier required, our web development team designed and built a suite of fully bespoke eCommerce software tools to power the website. Their customer portal needed to cater to both retail and wholesale users, school groups as well covering administration tasks like online appointment bookings. 

Ranier Web Design Mockup
Ranier - Our Client

Simple, not basic

Sleek and stylish design may look simple at first glance, but creating the balance between functionality and style is an art. Although the Ranier site needed to be able to conduct some complex functionality, it was important to couple that with balanced and minimal design to maintain a seamless user experience.

Bespoke Solutions

Every company and their requirements are unique. This is why we utilise our highly skilled web designers and development team to create digital solutions that are tailor made for every one of our clients. This is why we were able to confidently deliver industry leading solutions to Ranier.

Flawless Functionality

Everybody knows life’s not just about good looks, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The bespoke software we built for Ranier went through extremely rigorous testing in every possible configuration and scenario before going live. Close enough is never good enough.

Ranier Web Design
Ranier Our Work


Industry Leading Design

Ranier needed to establish themselves firmly at the top of their industry, and our elegant, custom designed website enabled them to do that. Their web presence now helps establish them as an industry leader.

Software Solutions

Our custom designed software means that their clients are able to set up their selling portals, manage sales of any quantity and receive accurate reports without any difficulty. Users now have a seamless digital experience from enquiry, through to sale and beyond.