RMB Lawyers

Making a visual statement with video productions and photography for a reputable regional law firm.

Partnering with LBPR for the best results

RMB Lawyers is one of the largest regional-based law firms in NSW, providing expert legal services to the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands area since 1885. With 11 convenient locations, RMB Lawyers is “always where you are”. RMB Lawyers enlisted núcleo to concept and create a video campaign that would promote the law firm.

We worked with partner agency LBPR in Wollongong to produce a visually-stimulating advertising campaign that would improve brand awareness for RMB in the Illawarra and surrounding areas.

A full range of services

núcleo produced two videos: a brand commercial that highlights the firm and connects them to the local region with their tagline, “Always where you are”; and a Personal Industry targeted video that is specifically about compensation law. Our production team worked with LBPR to overview and develop these creative concepts to meet RMB’s requirements.

These were hands-on productions that required a wide range of services, including scheduling the filming, prepping the gear and equipment, acquiring drone footage, and sourcing talent through local theatre companies — a great approach for these people-oriented commercials.

High quality content for all platforms

RMB required 15-second and 30-second edits that would be converted for either television or cinema use. Our in-house video editors cut, colour-graded and refined the edits for a multi-screen experience. Colour-grading was a particularly important step, as all videos must be colour-corrected according to their intended use (TV, cinema or web). núcleo recognises this difference and uses refined techniques to alter, enhance and improve the videos for their specific screen appearances.

Additionally, the núcleo team completed and submitted all CAD documentation (a necessary pre-check service with Commercials Advice for the network distribution and broadcast of all TV commercials).

RMB Lawyers Personal Industry TVC
RMB Lawyers Campaign TVC

Enhancing the visual experience with photography

A campaign with consistent visuals can connect strongly with audiences and lead to higher conversions. Partnering with our creative concepts, we captured photography during the production of the TV ads. All of our images are shot with advertising in mind, leaving necessary space for copy, branding and other relevant content. We provided RMB with raw files of these shots, as well as professionally edited and retouched JPEGs that were ready for integration into advertising campaigns.


Experts in brand awareness

From initial concepting right through to the ultimate airing of the videos, núcleo provided a seamless production process. Our 4K quality ensures that all of our videos and animations are internet-ready, and will show RMB Lawyers in the best possible light. Working alongside LBPR, we were able to deliver creative concepts that stand out in the Illawarra and surrounding areas, and continue to promote awareness and conversion for the RMB brand.