Howlin’ Wolf

Web design and photography with personality for an eclectic top shelf whisky bar in Wollongong.

More than just a bar

Howlin’ Wolf is a top shelf whisky bar, bringing whisky and alcohol from all around the globe to the masses in the Illawarra. Located in the heart of Wollongong’s CBD, they focus on attracting customers by offering whisky, cocktails, beers and banter in an ambient environment. We partnered with Howlin’ Wolf to create a suite of photography and a website that communicates their brand — that they are more than just a bar and have something unique to offer within the region.

Combining great whisky and an awesome vibe, we leveraged what the Howlin’ Wolf Bar is all about to create a website and photoshoot that captures the atmosphere of the venue and its staff.

Telling a story through photography

Howlin’ Wolf Bar is a place of enjoyment, energy and exploration. núcleo’s creative team intended to capture those ideals through our photography and overall creative concept. We planned and executed a photographic campaign that would invoke a sense of fun and promote the Howlin’ Wolf as a place with friendly staff, amazing whisky and a cool location. Our photoshoot played heavily on the personalities of the boys, allowing them to have fun in the bar. The result is a series of dynamic, authentic shots that truly represent what the bar is about.

Modern photography techniques

Our photos are created through a combination of the best gear, professional photography tactics, and our expert creative direction. Shooting with strobes and a structured setup, we ensured that we could composite the images and create a high end-range of shots that stand out against the local competition. Composite photography is the art of blending multiple shots to create a final image. Many things are required to get this right, with particular importance on using the right amount of light. Our production team setup and tested a range of shots to ensure that we could create an experience that told the Howlin’ Wolf brand story the way we wanted.

Spicing up the website

The Howlin’ Wolf images provide a variety of uses across print and digital mediums. We brought the photography experience to the digital world with a professional website design that uses the images in sequence to share content. As the image sequence switches from person to person, new information is displayed to connect with the viewer. The site’s user experience has been optimised to work across desktop and mobile and is simple in its communications strategy. The result is a fun site with just the right amount of information.

We wanted the visual identity of the Howlin’ Wolf Whisky Bar to have high impact, to stand out, and to capture the unique tone of the brand. Ultimately,  we worked with their team to introduce the Howlin’ Wolf in a contemporary and discoverable way.