Illawarra Credit Union

Giving websites new life to enhance brand awareness for a community-minded bank in Wollongong and the Illawarra.

Website for the trusted local bank

Illawarra Credit Union has been a pillar of finance in the Illawarra region for over 45 years. In that time, they have grown and adapted to the region’s needs with solutions that meet the local market. Their brand is known in the area, but they have faced challenges in promoting themselves to gain new members.

núcleo’s new website platform aimed to alleviate these challenges with a plan that would position Illawarra Credit Union as Wollongong’s trusted source for financial information and products. Additionally, we wanted to increase brand awareness for that moment when people need financial advice.

Content marketing is a great way to enhance the presence of their brand to existing members and potential new customers. Our content marketing plan for Illawarra Credit Union was all about generating high value content through website design, animations, copy, and testimonials.

Connecting with the online audience

Wollongong is a vibrant place that is full of great activities. Our objectives for Illawarra Credit Union were to encapsulate the spirit of the region, increase brand awareness, and position them as the trusted choice in banking. We did this with a strategic digital marketing plan that would connect the Illawarra Credit Union brand with the local community. This included increasing the website’s effectiveness, keeping members and non-members informed through various media formats, and producing branding-specific animations to be used in-branch.

User experience is a priority

Our marketing plan for Illawarra Credit Union included updating the branding and user experience on their website. núcleo built a custom WordPress solution to optimise the management of banking products, enhance usability, and improve the general content flow and UX of the site.

We modified the page design to maximise the website’s effectiveness and increase the time people spend on each webpage — which translates to better rankings in Google search. Enhancing the content was a critical step. The text on each page was extended with more detail about the products and about the specific life goals of the target demographic. We also added localised imagery to enhance the local brand position and connect with the region’s community.

We engaged in third-party software managing enhancements to improve the online banking experience. Ongoing enhancements, marketing improvements and monthly maintenance extends our ongoing long-term relationship with Illawarra Credit Union and their evolving website.

Explainer videos building trust for the brand

Our animated videos work towards increasing brand reputation and building trust with existing and new members. Video is an extremely effective format for visually connecting your business with the community and setting your brand apart from competitors. The animations were featured in branch to attract the target demographic, provide valuable information about products and services, and maximise the reach of the content.

With multiple new websites, branding animations and a strategic marketing plan, we were able to promote Illawarra Credit Union as the approachable, friendly, community-minded choice. If the Illawarra is your home, Illawarra Credit Union is your local bank.

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