marketers, strategists, creatives and coders

We have gathered a talented team of strategic thinkers, passionate creatives and technical whizzes who deliver real results.

Marketers with a finger on every pulse, developers with the knack for design, videographers with the knowledge for campaigning,  — núcleo has them all. This results in a team who can collaborate their multifaceted skills and ensure the quality and consistency of your projects.

The wealth of experience our staff have gained, working domestically and abroad, strengthens the mechanics of what we produce — and makes shared stories around the water cooler fascinating!

Do you want to join our team?


Adam Simpkins Adam Simpkins
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Adam is a programmer, a software developer, a photographer, and a talented musician. He’s the kind of guy who learns on the job, building up an impressive portfolio of self-taught skills and expanding knowledge.

When he’s not busy with binary, he’s off living life with his lovely wife and three children.

He also keeps a Rubik’s Cube on his desk to make people think he’s more intelligent than he actually is.
…No, but seriously, he can solve that thing in 18 seconds flat.

Adam Simpkins
Alexandria Finch Alexandria Finch
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With roots in Wollongong and throughout the Illawarra, Alexandria is a keen strategist with a strong background in marketing. She completed a Bachelor of Communication in 2015, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Business Law. Alex then quickly found work at the University of Wollongong, tackling marketing philanthropy in all its forms.

More recently, she embarked on a three-month stint in the USA and Canada, visiting friends and going on solo adventures. Now she’s back, refreshed and ready to create the perfect strategy and content for your business.

When she’s not in the office, Alex is usually watching The Office, hiking, or finding her inner chef.

Alexandria Finch
Marketing Consultant
Andrew McCann Andrew McCann
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Andrew is the driving force at núcleo, offering a wealth of experience and passion for every aspect of the job.

Software developer come marketer, with extensive know-how about digital marketing, web applications, SEO (search engine optimisation), custom databases and strategy.
He has engaged with many different clients over his years working in Armidale, Sydney and Brisbane and is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ventures.

He is the owner of three motorbikes but never has time to ride them.

Andrew McCann
Managing Director
Bobbijo Harrison Bobbijo Harrison
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Bobbijo is a jack of all trades (and a master of them all). During her time at núcleo, she has sat at every desk and performed almost every job, including analytics, design, market research, campaign creation, social media management and more, and thus has gained an enviable mass of skills and knowledge.

If you need to stand out on social media, delight with design, advance with analytics, or simply start afresh with a whole new brand, rest assured that Bobbijo’s mind will already be buzzing with ideas.

At approximately 3pm each day, she’ll shoot someone with the Nerf gun on her desk, then resume working as though nothing happened.

Bobbijo Harrison
Marketing Consultant
David Crapp David Crapp
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David worked for núcleo back in the day, then decided to go out and gain more knowledge, adopt new skills, and become an expert in his field. Now he’s back, and he brings a wealth of experience with him.

In his role at núcleo, David strives to improve usability and accessibility for all web users. As far as he’s concerned, if someone can’t find something on his websites, it doesn’t exist.

His main loves in life are cars, cricket, and code. He is also an avid online gamer, and has even won some cash as a gaming guru.

David Crapp
web Developer
Emily Wark Emily Wark
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As the youngest member of the núcleo team, Emily brings ambition, energy, and boundless enthusiasm to her role as a graphic designer.

She has a massive passion for all things creative and thoroughly enjoys all design tasks, big and small. Though fresh out of school, Emily has proven herself to be a quick learner and a hard worker. She looks forward to expanding her talents and taking the first steps towards a lucrative design career.

Emily is always full of smiles and loves a good joke — but it might take her a second to get it. She’s a self-professed ‘blonde’ stereotype!

Emily Wark
Florian Ruhnke Florian Ruhnke
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With a Master’s degree in Political Science and Communication, and additional training in public relations management, Florian is a natural storyteller who excels at Excel and everything digital.
Originally working in Berlin as the Deputy Head of Marketing for a media and education company, Florian is now a núcleo trailblazer with talents in brand strategy, marketing, digital marketing, multimedia production, WordPress, MailChimp and email list management, campaign management, and many other marketing tactics.

He hopes to help businesses establish standards for a more collaborative and meaningful digital media landscape.

Florian Ruhnke
Marketing Consultant
Greg Dorrian Greg Dorrian
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Greg is the chief frontend web developer at núcleo. He is intrinsically connected with and devoted to innovative web standards, and has the amazing ability to talk tech whilst speaking English.
Greg completed a Diploma of Graphic Design in 2008, and has since worked to lead the charge for seamless online experiences and user interface designs. He often speaks about SASS, LESS, CMS, HTML5, JS, and many other acronyms that we mere mortals cannot possibly understand.

In his spare time, Greg can be found with his wife and children, enjoying the great outdoors or playing board games. Or playing board games in the great outdoors.

Greg Dorrian
web developer
Jakob Horvath Jakob Horvath
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Jakob is our Adwords and reporting guy, using his skills from a Bachelor of Business to market and digitally manage a variety of businesses. He previously worked in the marketing team at Eastmon Digital Store, in charge of social media management, email-direct marketing, and making canvas prints sound sexy.

One day, Jakob would like to run his own business that has something to do with either saving the planet or eating food. Or both. Failing that, he aims to help musicians market themselves — he himself is a passionate musician in a college band called Lettuce Loose.

Jakob’s hobbies include the Three Gs: Gym, Guitar, and Gmexican food. He has slowly been building his tolerance to hot sauces so he can further enjoy the latter.

Jakob Horvath
Marketing Consultant
Jess Cochrane Jess Cochrane
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Jess is our resident wordsmith, bookworm, and grammar-checker. She looks for typos in menus, watches children’s films despite not having children, and has killed every plant she has ever owned.

She obtained First Class Honours in Media and Communications in 2013, and now writes a wide variety of content for a wide variety of clients. When she isn’t at her núcleo desk, one might find her assisting a school photographer, working in retail, or marking essays for the local university.

Jess enjoys writing fantasy and dystopian fiction in her free time, and thinks becoming a published author would be a <i>novel</i> idea. She also feels you should know that she adores bad puns.

Jess Cochrane
Content Writer
Jonathan (Jono) Mueller Jonathan (Jono) Mueller
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Jono is an avid photographer, filmmaker, and overall image creator who is rarely seen without a camera in hand.

He loves spending time creating visual stories for his clients at núcleo. Whether it’s a photograph, a graphic design, a video, or a mixture of all three, Jono builds experiences that reach the masses. With over 10 years experience in advertising and image creation, he is always on the lookout for his next exciting project.

When he’s not working, Jono is lost at sea. Literally. He gets on a boat and goes ocean sailing.

Jonathan (Jono) Mueller
Creative Director
Josh Billing Josh Billing
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Look, up in the sky! It’s Google Man! Josh is our head honcho when it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimisation, and creating campaign strategies that actually work.

He also mans the front line with our clients to keep an eye on the many different tasks delegated to us. He travels to track down new jobs, holds meetings to support the old ones, and holds a phone to his ear for 83% of the day.

In addition to being a husband and father, Josh is a lover of puns and groan-worthy one-liners.

Josh Billing
Marketing Consultant
Kaegyn Toole Kaegyn Toole
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There are many different facets to visual marketing, and Kaegyn has dabbled in his fair share! He has five years’ experience in creative agency work, with duties including graphic design, photography, video editing, mobile UI design and branding. He’s now brought that breadth of experience to núcleo, where he can continue to do what he loves.

He describes design and photography as a natural extension of his school years, where he spent far too much time playing with Photoshop and refining his skills. Kaegyn estimates that he has edited over 70k photos throughout his career, and still he remains passionate about his role. He is a stickler for quality who can’t be satisfied until he gets the most out of his projects.

After work, he goes home to his pet monitor lizard, and his snake.

Kaegyn Toole
Kristy Pennell Kristy Pennell
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Greeter of people, answerer of phones, and juggler of jobs, Kristy is the persistent force that keeps the studio running smoothly.

With over eight years experience in administration and customer service, Kristy welcomes every challenge and conquers every hurdle. There seems to be no end to her talents, as she happily tackles the tasks of reception, client liaison, project management, event organisation, content implementation, and milk purchase (…we drink a lot of tea).

Kristy changes her hair colour on a whim, engages in an ongoing affair with chocolate, and holds an unashamed celebrity crush on Jack Black.

Kristy Pennell
Studio Manager
Michael (Foxy) Fox Michael (Foxy) Fox
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Michael, or ‘Foxy’ as he is more frequently called, is our resident coder, programmer, and animating buff.

When not coding or drawing at his own desk, Foxy is often called upon to offer a second opinion or helping hand with a variety of different tasks. He is a quiet thinker, a great problem solver, and the kind of guy who’ll casually donate a Nintendo 64 to the office.

At the end of each day, he will sometimes leave with such ninja-like precision that we won’t even notice his absence for several minutes.

Michael (Foxy) Fox
Samantha Broese Samantha Broese
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Sam is a creator of amazing visual conceptions. She produces graphic designs, magazine layouts, logos, brand designs, animations and more.

She obtained Bachelor degrees in Biomedical Science and Pharmaceutical Science, and gained experience in veterinary and environmental research, before turning life on its head to learn Graphic Design at Shillington College. And we’re so glad she did.

When she isn’t at her núcleo desk with headphones on and stylus in hand, she is pursuing her interests in yoga, skateboarding, travelling, and Scandinavian vikings.

Samantha Broese
Stewart Horsfield Stewart Horsfield
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With a fondness for technical design and a growing arsenal of talents, Stewart is keen to develop seamless websites for clients from all industries.

Whilst attending the University of New England, Stewart became the founding editor of ‘Nucleus’, the Student Newspaper. In 2014, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy/Psychology, but soon pursued his interests in web development. After working as a web designer at UNESA and freelancing his talents for several years, Stewart has been welcomed into the núcleo fold.

In his free time, Stewart enjoys woodworking, perusing his impressive collection of books, and making weird paper artworks with his CNC laser cutter.

Stewart Horsfield
Web Developer
Tarley Finlayson Tarley Finlayson
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The big ‘f’ word — ‘finance’. Tarley is our accounts authority who handles all things dollars and cents.

It’s a big job, but someone has to do it, and no one does it better than Tarley. She has a Bachelor of Accounting and is a certified Practicing Accountant, but don’t go picturing any stern, stereotypical money handler; you’ll never see our cash queen without a smile on her face.

When she’s away from the world of finance and figures, Tarley is a country gal with a love of the land and a passion for working with cattle and horses.

Tarley Finlayson
Finance Manager
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