Cinema Advertising

Make an impact.

Looking for a more effective way to market your brand in Australia? If so, it is time to try cinema advertising.

At Nucleo, we work with businesses across all industries to give them the attention they desire through cinema ads.  We’re passionate about cinema and this has helped us run highly visible campaigns across the country.

If you want to boost your brand’s presence in the country, positioning yourself through cinema ads is a smart idea.

Ripe market for cinema ads.

Australia is one of the most active movie markets with over 500 theatres spread over the country, 2278 screens, and over 400,000 cinema seats.  The Australian films’ share of the Box Office has grown to 5%, and this makes cinemas a great place to build your brand’s presence.

With millions of people going to cinemas every year, you have a ready audience to target with high-quality ads. Our team knows the right tactics to use for the best cinema ads.

A cinema hall offers qualities that TV or other digital platforms don’t; a wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screen, surround sound, pitch darkness and intensified emotional reaction.


Leveraging núcleo's experience.

We appreciate that most local businesses haven’t tried this innovative advertising medium but our team is always ready to help. We listen to clients’ needs, learn more about their businesses and create ad campaigns that convert.

Our mission is to help local businesses grow their market presence through outstanding cinema ads.  With decades of experience in content production, we have the skills and capacity to run the best cinema ad campaigns.

Our connections in this industry help us find the best films and cinemas to place your adverts based on your marketing needs.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in the country and our cinema promotional experience makes us the first stop for all cinema ad services.

Talk to us today for the best cinema adverts in Australia. We leverage the latest production technologies to create amazing cinema ads that convert.

How núcleo cinema advertising works.

Movies remain a major pastime for people in the country.  Many families still go to the cinema to catch the latest films.

Even with the arrival of streaming services, the cinema remains a major attraction for a diverse selection of people. As a business, advertising on the big screen is a great opportunity to target this diverse segment of potential customers.

At Nucleo, we help you deliver the best cinema ads to impress your target audience. We appreciate that you only have a few seconds to make an impact.

Our team takes time to learn your business, understand the target audience and assess your market. We also look at your competition through data-driven competitor analysis.

All these steps help us create ads suitable for the cinema environment. At the same time, we create content that speaks to your target customers.

We customise our ads to suit your business needs. With our long experience creating cinema ad campaigns, our team knows the best ad placement strategies.

By using analytics, we identify the best movies to target and the peak times for maximum exposure. Our goal is to ensure exposure for your ad at the best price. This, in turn, delivers better ROI for the campaign.

Whether you want to target your city or appear on screens on big theatre chains across the country, we can help you.

Our team works closely with you through:

  • Initial consultations: We listen carefully to your goals and requirements
  • Business research: Understanding your business is crucial to our team
  • Target audience research
  • The ad conceptualisation stage
  • Ad designing and production
  • Cinema ad customisation
  • Ad promotion planning including identifying the best cinemas to target for your ads
  • Previewing the ad with your team

If you want to create an ad campaign that will have people talking, contact us today.  If you already have an advert you would like to use for this campaign; our team will review it and give an objective opinion.

We are always ready to meet clients’ needs and this has helped us emerge as the most recommended cinema advert company in the country.

We understand cinema screen advertising, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

Why invest in núcleo cinema advertising?

The business environment in Australia has grown increasingly competitive over the years. Businesses today have to invest more in their marketing campaigns than ever before.

However, many businesses complain about poor ROI in their marketing campaigns. At Nucleo, we recommend cinema advertising for local businesses looking for an edge in their marketing campaigns.

Our cinema adverts offer an array of benefits to these businesses, including:

  1. Desirable audience: Moviegoers have disposable income and are big spenders. Targeting this consumer segment with the best cinema ads increases your sales.
  2. Brand recognition: Thousands of people catch up with the latest movies and if you manage to squeeze in your business ad, this gives you the exposure you can’t get anywhere else. Our team is at hand to design creative ads that the audience will love.
  3. Retention: Our production team has the expertise and tools to create memorable ads. Moviegoers who are potential customers will remember your ad even after leaving the cinema.
  4. Unrivalled impact: There are no distractions in the theatre, and the only focus is on the screen. An amazing ad will have an emotional impact on the audience as they are ready for whatever comes on the screen. The theatre offers an uncluttered media environment to present a branded message.
  5. Better impact than TV: Research shows cinema is a more powerful and emotionally engaging medium than television. In-cinema ads are more effective than TV ads. This is one reason to engage our highly talented production team at Nucleo for the best cinema adverts.
  6. Mass publicity: the capacity of theatres has increased over the years. In Australia, you have theatres across the country. This means your ad is visible to a large number of people every time the movie shows.
  7. Local targeting: Our team can help you target the local community. We can create cinema ads to be played in the local theatres. With our intense research, we can help create ads for the best-targeted campaign depending on the type of movie.
  8. Great ROI: If you are after a cost-effective promotional method, consider cinema screen advertising. It is easier to target the right audience for the best results, and these ads are highly effective.

With our Nucleo cinema adverts, you have a versatile tool to appeal to a diverse segment of the market. You have people of all ages, political affiliations, religions, income-levels all in one place.

The theatre audience is captive and attentive and this ensures your ads have a lasting impression. When the lights go out and your ad starts to roll, the silence in the theatre helps amplify the message.

This allows you to introduce your brand and create indelible memories in the mind of cinema lovers. If you want to create cinema ads that have a lasting impression, talk to us today.

Our advantage.

Nucleo is the go-to cinema advertising company in Australia for many reasons.

We have a highly talented team of creative designers and marketers. We bring on board decades of combined experience to cinema ad production.

Our ads add to the entertainment and thus have a greater impact on the cinema audience.

Our client-centric approach to content creation distinguishes us from the competition. We go to great lengths to understand your business needs before commencing the ad creation process.

To this end, we tailor affordable cinema advertising packages that meet your business’ needs. For all your cinema advertising solutions, talk to our team today.

We handle everything from the market research, cinema ad creation, placement and campaign evaluation.