Email direct marketing (EDM)

Email marketing is recognised as a powerhouse performer among all digital marketing channels.

96% of all Australians have at least one email address, and the average person checks their emails 15 times per day.

This penetration rate, combined with emails ability to target highly interested individuals with unique, personalised content, provides marketers with a return on investment of over $38 for every $1 spent – far exceeding all other digital marketing channels.

Email also continues to be the preferred marketing channel to receive promotional content, with over 72% of customers preferring it over social media at just 17%.

It’s incredibly cost-effective and highly customizable, allowing you to develop sophisticated sales funnels and marketing journeys. So you can engage your customers at every stage of your relationship.

What is involved?

Design and development

When it comes to email creative, we believe in the principles of user-centred design, allowing us to produce beautiful and functional emails that translate into business objectives.


Our designers create mobile optimised emails that allow us to adapt to your communications, no matter how your customers choose to engage with your brand, whether it’s across tablets, mini-tablets, mobile or desktop.

Strategy and consulting

Our approach to email strategy focuses on all the elements of the customer lifecycle: Acquisition, Retention and Activation.

This focus allows us to combine our expertise in email creative, database/customer management and content creation to achieve your business objectives.

List growth

We’re strong advocates of quality over quantity, and that underpins our ideology in developing list nurturing strategies for our clients.

We work with you to ensure you have a precise acquisition and retention strategy as well as defining best practice goals for managing your list hygiene.

Managed services

We can assist in freeing up internal resources, or by acting as an email marketing-centric extension of your team by taking on the work involved in developing a campaign from concept to launch. Whether it’s the strategy, creative or execution, we can assist at any point in a campaign’s development.

Platform independent

We are experienced at getting the best outcomes from dozens of email platforms, so no matter which one you use, rest assured we have experience with it. Not sure which one is best for your business needs? Just ask us.

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