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Are you frustrated with your online marketing efforts? Do you feel like you have nothing to show for all your investments in pay-per-click campaigns?

If you have tried boosting your company’s online growth with no results, we welcome you to try our dedicated Google advertising solutions. At núcleo, we appreciate the difficulties most companies in Australia experience in online marketing. We are one of the leading Google Advertising Agencies in the country and this gives us a vantage point to help your business.

Google controls the search engine with a market share of 92.62% as of June 2019. Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google. Your business must leverage this search engine’s advertising platform and tools to grow. A well-executed Google Ads campaign boosts ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). It also builds your brand’s reputation and increases visibility. Our team is the most recommended for Google Ads campaigns. Our Google Ad specialists have managed campaigns for hundreds of online businesses in the country.

We work hard to design and implement a successful ad campaigns. This drives high-quality traffic to your website and in turn, increases conversions. Our team brings decades of combined experience in digital marketing which makes us your best partners for Google Ads campaigns. We leverage the best tools in the industry to create ads that convert. We know that your employees have their hands full. For this reason, we handle the entire Google Ads campaign and allow you to focus on the core business. For the best results, we carry out A/B testing for all Ads.

Our commitment is to increase conversions using all tools available in the Google marketing suite. If you want to harness the immense power of Google advertising, talk to our Google-certified team today.

What are Google Ads?

Over the years, Google has developed a plethora of solutions to help businesses grow online. This suite of tools includes the popular Google Ads platform.

This popular online advertising platform allows advertisers to pay for brief ads on multiple Google platforms. The majority of search results today include Google ads.  If you carry out a quick search on Google, you will find Google Ad results on the top of the SERPs list.

These ads are an effective way of driving traffic to your website. AdWords also help businesses advertise through other search engines in collaboration with Google, YouTube, Google Shopping and Display advertising. There’s a bidding process involved in Google Ads and this is where things get tricky for most businesses in Australia. To get Ads auction revolves around keywords. You have to determine the best keywords to target based on extensive research.

Once you select your keywords, you can then bid based on how much you want to pay. Google uses this bid together with a Quality Score for your proposed ad to determine what appears on a SERP. Factors affecting the quality score of your ad include:

If your ad appears on a SERP, you will pay a certain amount per click (cost per click/CPC).

How we can help

We are a Certified Qualified Google Ads Professional (GAP)

At núcleo, we boast the most talented team of Google-certified PPC experts who work closely with clients to deliver excellent advertising campaigns. As a full-service Google advertising company, we handle everything from keyword research, ad creation, monitoring, reporting, ad management and much more.

You will get a dedicated account manager to handle all your advertising needs. We have open channels of communication to ensure a smooth working relationship. Our team designs your campaign and ad groups to achieve high keyword quality scores. This, in turn, leads to lower CPC and higher ROI.

With our long-running experience in the Australian markets, we can advise your business on the best keywords to use. Our team has built the capacity to design and run successful digital marketing campaigns over the years. Our success in Google advertising makes us the best bet for your Google AdWords campaign. Talk to us today for comprehensive insight and assistance on all Google marketing tools.

We’ll help you develop your campaign

We appreciate that developing an AdWords campaign is not easy. While Google provides all the tools you need to do this, you still need expertise and experience to leverage this innovative marketing technique. This is where our team comes in handy.

For you to win in the AdWords auction, you have to optimise your Quality Score and the bid amount. Our team will help improve the quality score of your ad. We have essential skills in creating high-quality ads. This make us your go-to partners for Google advertising. With a higher quality score for your ads, you enjoy a lower cost per click (CPC) which translates to higher ROI.  A high-quality score also guarantees higher exposure as your ads display more often.

Keywork research and campaign optimisation

Google AdSense is another crucial Google program in advertising. It matches text and display ads to a site based on the site’s content and visitors. It is the core of Google targeted advertising. This program helps you target the most relevant audiences online. The best Google Ads campaign starts by creating the best ads and choosing the right keywords. Our team helps run and manage a targeted AdWords campaign to boost relevant traffic to your website.

We design optimised Google AdWords campaigns in line with your business goals. We are on a mission to lower click costs by boosting the quality score of your Google Ads. By adding sitelinks, location and call extensions, we ensure your ads stand out and attract more clicks. By investing heavily in keyword research, our team ensures your ads find the target customers. This, in turn, leads to a better return on investment (ROI). Our team also emphasises reporting at regular intervals.

Google shopping advertising

We are also experts in Google shopping advertising. Our team has created Google Shopping Ads for hundreds of clients in multiple industries. These product listing ads (PLAs) are perfect if you want to boost conversions and increase brand awareness.  The ads appear on multiple Google searches and shopping platforms. Our team writes the ad copy and uses analytics to ensure the right people click these ads.

If you are a retailer in the country, we can create ads that end up on the tip of Google’s search engine results. These ads include a visual of the product, which increases the chance of a click. With the best Google shopping ads, we create upper-funnel awareness initiatives and at the same time, boost lower funnel conversions.

In summary, we:

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