3 steps to visually cut through online

InsightsRead time: 2 mins

For a business, being online can be daunting. The amount of online traffic can easily dismay and we can become confused about our online appearance and identity. Becoming me aware of how you are communicating online is easier than you think.

With a few simple tips and steps you can start to expand your audience by connecting with people online.

The first thing is to recognise that the internet is a visual haven. While text helps to set context on a topic, visuals really cut through and do the hard work. They set the tone and mood for what you are engaged in. Here are some points to help communicate stronger online:

Simple communication is highly effective

Saying something as simple as possible is what is going to do the trick. If you post 30 pictures the average user will not view them all. Be selective on what you place online and use simple messages and visuals to communicate what you are trying to say. Below are 2 examples of visual communication, one is cluttered and one is simple. Which do you prefer?


Use a visual that fits what your saying

A common mistake that businesses make online is using visuals that don’t match your business. Using the right visuals to communicate what you do is essential to gaining new customers and getting good impressions online. Take a look at the following 2 shots. Both of these are for a coffee shop. Which stands out to you and why?


Be age appropriate

Creating visuals for different demographics is important. It cuts through the rest of the visuals online and reaches the people you want to see your business. Whether it is placed on a product or is a poster, flyer or digital ad. The amount of groups you can target are endless. Parents, grandparents, teenagers, adults between the age of 18-35, men, health, sports, hobbies. Find a visual that is age appropriate for what you are communicating. Below are 2 images. Both are for the same product but one is targeted to children and the other to adults. Which do you think would be more effective?


In summary there are a few simple things that we can do to ensure that we are being heard online in our visuals. Being simple, content aware and age appropriate are but a few that can enhance your online presence. Still stuck and need help to cut through the digital noise, nucleo specialises in online content generation and knows how to get to your audience. Why not sit down with us and let us come up with a way for your business to be heard.