How to spot a Web Developer

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a non-exhaustive list

  1. Their wardrobes are packed with esoteric T-shirts that are very funny… apparently.
  2. Time has no meaning. It’s 4am on a Sunday? Perfect time to finish up that Search Engine Optimisation and backend coding.
  3. Oh yeah, they love when you ask them to fix their computers. LOVE it. Go on — give it a try. I dare you.
  4. They can somehow maneuver between four computers, two phones, and three different sized tablets at the same time. Picture Ganesh if he were technologically-savvy.
  5. They are either introverted geeks or outgoing socialites. There is no inbetween.
  6. They will destroy you in any computer game that you’re foolish enough to challenge them to play.
  7. The distant smell of lunch or ‘ding’ of a microwave will cause them to perk up like a meerkat at their desk to query, ‘Do you smell that? Someone has food. Who has food?’
  8. Pajamas are their uniform of choice, followed closely by hoodies, track pants and joggers. Comfort is key.
  9. Their ringtone will never be a stock sound effect. Expect video game soundtracks, little-known jingles, or the theme song to Downton Abbey.
  10. Don’t ever borrow their keyboard, their mouse, their ANYTHING, and assume it’s office property. Chances are, they brought it from home and they want it back.
  11. Caffeine is their addiction, their love, their lifeblood. Expect them to be surrounded by stained mugs, empty takeaway cups and cans of energy drink at all times.
  12. Use Internet Explorer and see if their eyes twitch.

(We kid, we kid. nucleo loves their little code monkeys, who work hard and play hard. They really only demonstrate one or two of these stereotypes. Maybe three. But who’s counting?)

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