Gourmet Delight

A website designed to make first impressions count and deliver unparalleled user experiences for pet owners.

Gourmet Delight is a well-established brand that has been providing premium quality cat food at an accessible price to pet owners for many years. The brand was founded with a commitment to using only the best ingredients in their products, and to providing pet owners with a range of options that cater to their pets unique tastes and nutritional needs. 

Due to recent growth, driven by a commitment to pet wellness and a passion for providing quality pet food, Gourmet Delight branched into dog food, offering pet owners a comprehensive range of premium products for both cats and dogs alike.

What we did

The objective of this website was to seamlessly integrate both the feline and canine facets of the enterprise. Employing our comprehensive Think, Design, Develop methodology, we embarked on a journey including preliminary research and planning to establish a well-structured sitemap and a clear design direction. Our design team then initiated the website creation process, crafting a range of wireframe mockups in collaboration with valuable insights from the Gourmet Delight team.

Our bespoke website design brought all the brand elements to life, while delivering a seamless browsing experience. We know that in today’s marketplace, the website is often a customer’s first experience with a brand – and first impressions count.

Our goal was to foster engaging and informative user experiences that would see users not only coming to the website once, but returning many times over. There’s more to making successful websites than looks and hits.

Project outcomes

The newly enhanced website, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly, delivers an unparalleled user experience for pet owners. It not only offers a visually pleasing encounter with the brand but also attends to the customer journey in a uniquely engaging manner, tailored specifically for the world of pet nutrition. This revamped website has exceeded initial expectations, playing a pivotal role in drawing in leads and clients that align seamlessly with their pet-centric brand mission.