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These provide a massive range of marketing potential for businesses, but consider this: how many of the advertisements that confront you daily go unnoticed? Advertising has taken such a significant and socially-integrated role in our lives that a large portion of it can easily be overlooked, even ignored. To be successful, campaigns need to go the extra mile to make a real impact.

The promotion of ideas

Overtime, marketing has gained a multifaceted and subtle personality. Print, media, and online advertising is no longer a purely informative communication that promotes products or services. Successful advertising connects with its audience by portraying some aspect of life that the product or service signifies.

Basically, the effectiveness of an advertisement relies on promoting the ideas associated with the brand, rather than the product or service. As an example, Coca-Cola doesn’t advertise a drink; they instead promote a summer lifestyle, a gathering of friends, a feeling of happiness — all of which are linked with the product through consistent cross-media advertising.

You want your advertising to make people feel something. Feel happy, feel moved, feel inspired, feel amused — a positive emotional response of any kind is indicative of a company–customer connection, and is the first step towards promoting your business.

However, as previously mentioned, the growing ‘everywhereness’ of advertising means that the audience is becoming increasingly unobservant — your audience of finely tuned advertising-ignoring-machines can easily miss your advertisements. Think about it: how often do we leave the room during TV commercials, flip past magazine promos, and click away from website ads?

Backed by knowledge

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Your advertising campaign should be supported by thorough research of your target audience, consideration of your advertising options, and revision of the campaign’s results. This help you to create more of a connection with your audience, and make your advertisements more likely to produce an emotional response.

Who is your audience? Connecting with potential customers means understanding their age, location, and needs. Start by analysing the demographics of your current customers, or by reviewing the client base of your competition.

What are your options? Knowing your target market will better equip you to maximise your exposure and choose the correct medium for your advertising campaign. We will take a closer look into some of your advertising options below.

What were the results? Gaining feedback from your campaigns, analysing how new clients heard about your business, and measuring the outcome of your advertising is essential in being able to set effective strategies in the future.

Advertising mediums

Print, magazine, television, radio, billboards, websites, EDM, PPC, Social Media…

There are many advertising options available for your business, each of which can offer different advantages for different demographics.

Each medium will also have its own requirements which will affect the advertising content. In order to be noticed, understood, and actionable across different platforms, the content might have to change. An advertisement design for a magazine, isn’t necessarily going to work on a billboard or on social media.

To help you decide which platforms and mediums might suit your needs, consider the summary below of advantages and disadvantages of some of the possible mediums.

Print advertising – With newspapers, magazines, posters, direct mail, and billboards, minimalism is important. Too much text will go unread, making high quality graphics and concise headings particularly important.

Video production – Television commercials and online videos can offer unique opportunities for advertising. Aim for a balance between information and entertainment; you want the message to be portrayed in a memorable way.

Radio – Most radio ads are shorter than thirty seconds. It is essential that the message is coherent and well-spoken, with a clear mention to important details, like the name and contact information of your business.

Online advertising – Digital promotions are not as simple as uploading your print advertising. Think about your target audience, and consider the websites, social media outlets, CTA buttons, and language that will get the best response.

This is merely a glimpse into the wide world of advertising. The most effective strategy will vary for each product, customer, and business. Do you know which forms of advertising would work best for you? Have you considered how best to reach a potentially unobservant audience?

nucleo has years of experience in marketing campaigns. We have produced advertisements across all of these mediums, and for a wide range of industries. From conception to completion, nucleo knows how to drive your business with an effective campaign — plus we go a step further to gain valuable insight into the success of your strategies.