Our top tips for embracing social media as a form of content marketing

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Some questions that we get regularly is “what exactly is content marketing” and how does social media relate to it? This is a type of marketing that sees businesses create and share material online (videos, blogs and social posts) that doesn’t explicitly promote the brand or business, but is intended to stimulate interest. Social media marketing is a form of content marketing and as the experts, we want to make sure you are wearing your social media hats and have all the right tips to use your channels in the best way possible.

And if you don’t have the time, get in touch with us instead.

1. A social media strategy

What is this word that we keep going on about at nucleo, strategy! Yes we are very strategy-focused, even with our social media because everything becomes easier with well-defined goals, a plan and the commitment to achieve those goals. Don’t know what we mean? Drop us a line below and we’ll explain what exactly this could do for you.

2. Make sure your content is your own

The goal is to trigger that feeling of “”why didn’t I take a picture like that for my feed?” with your followers. When that emotion is triggered, it converts into valuable engagement and even action. The way to get it, is to make sure everything you post is your own and is in line with your businesses’ brand strategy (if you don’t have one of these, that’s a whole kettle of fish we’ll get to later).

3. Keep a steady eye on your platforms – and the horizon

The only way to build your engagement is to keep an eye on your platforms and what your followers are doing. It’s important to keep a weary eye on any changes your favourite social media platforms could be making in the future that will affect you. For example, when Facebook made changes to how users can modify headlines and descriptions of posts that are linked (to combat fake news), and all methods of audience development became out of date. You should be able to adapt to any changes easily.

4. Curate your feed thoughtfully

A common mistake made by businesses is that they think they have to link all their social media to their website to really drive enquiry. This is not the case – the point is to keep your user on your platform itself. Curate your feed thoughtfully and aim to post content that your followers and users expect to see on your feed so they hit the follow button and are encouraged to keep up with you and your posts.

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