10 Tips For Better Landing Pages

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Landing Pages

Landing pages and SEO: what needs to be considered?

In terms of search engines, the landing page has no meaning. Thus, for example, when creating the content for the landing page, you do not need to include a keyword that could influence the ranking in the search engine. Nevertheless, it is crucial to give the landing page the necessary attention and to create it professionally. With our tips, it is child’s play.

Tip 1: Keep an eye on the primary purpose

The purpose of a landing page is only to generate leads, for example, by receiving a newsletter subscription from the user. It is therefore vital that you focus everything on this point when designing the landing page. You should remove everything that seems unimportant on the website in order not to distract the user from the actual goal. Also, make sure that the prospect does not have to search long to be able to perform the desired action. Structure pages clearly and creates a clear view so that the user sees at a glance what to click or how to act.

Tip 2: The navigation is unnecessary

Also, in order not to prevent the user from doing the actual action, you should remove the navigation options when building the page. The main page is sufficient. Subpages are not required.

Tip 3: Create clarity

If a user clicks on your ad because he is interested in your products or services, you should note the following: The landing page should have exactly the content promised in the ad. The user must be able to get further information on exactly the desired topic. If the landing page has no relation to the text display, there is a risk that the user will withdraw disappointed.

Tip 4: Keep promises

If you have advertised a specific action in your text ad, the customer must also find it on the landing page for a reason mentioned above. For example, if you promise a 30-day trial version of the software in the AdWords ad, the user must be able to find and use this trial version on the landing page.

Tip 5: The interaction of banner and landing page

Some users may get to your landing page through a banner ad. To immediately signal a familiar and familiar feeling, it is helpful if you optically adapt the landing page to the banner advertisement. Use identical colours and design tools.

Tip 6: Offer added value

So that the interested party ultimately carries out the desired action, you should pay attention to real added value when creating the landing page. Limit yourself on the landing page to the essential points about your products or services and avoid insignificant aspects that distract from the topic. In any case, unimportant landing pages would have a decisive disadvantage: They cost money but usually achieve little or no conversions. Instead, if you pick up on important issues and add value, you’ll see conversions increase.

Tip 7: Is the content understandable?

Nothing is worse than if the desired leads are not generated for the reason that the prospect is unsettled when reading the content of the website. This can be the case, for example, if the content is not fully developed and therefore has gaps or errors. It is therefore essential that you always check all content for traceability.

Tip 8: Highlight the call to action

With the landing page, you want the user to take the desired action. So that he does not have to search for a long time to find out how he can test the software for free for 30 days, for example, you have to focus on the call-to-action button. Choose an attractive position, design the button generously and also set it in colour from the other elements of the landing page.

You should also formulate the button appropriately. The interested party must feel that they are voluntarily opting for the action. Don’t let him think you’re putting the gun on his chest. To stay with our example, write, for example.

“Try free instead of downloading”

Tip 9: Stripped down contact form

Many internet users feel patronised and not secure enough to include half of their CV in the contact forms. Since the landing page has the goal of generating leads, you should take care not to deter the user with the contact form. Therefore, use a slimmed-down version that only queries the most essential and necessary data. If you want to work with voluntary entries, it is best to mark these fields, particularly conspicuously.

Tip 10: The more landing pages, the better

It can be worthwhile to create different landing pages and to structure them differently. For example, use different landing pages for banner ads than for AdWords ads. Work with different elements and layouts. The advantage of this is that you can find out which variants work best. In this way, the landing pages can be continuously adapted and optimised to the interests of the users.

What are the characteristics of a useful landing page?

There are several factors that a landing page should contain to leave a positive impression and generate the desired conversion. This includes:

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