núclealians: new and improved

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A short while ago, we surveyed our team to discover the social, psychological and genetic makeup of an average nucleo employee. But since then, we’ve had a boom of growth, with new clients, new offices, and new employees across Armidale, Tamworth, Wollongong and Brisbane.

Naturally, that brought us to wonder… how has our anatomy changed? And how well do we truly know each other? What pets do we have? What browsers do we use? What weapon would we use in a Zombie Apocalypse? You know, just the important stuff.

We delved back into the DNA of nucleo to find the answers…

So that’s our average employee. There’s plenty that we have in common — but there are also many things that set us apart. At nucleo, we believe that the greatest and most creative ideas come from the collaboration of unique minds, which is why we’re so excited each time a new staff member enters our midst.

Our footprint has expanded, our team has grown, and our average núclealian has evolved… but we’re not done yet! We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic people to share their skills and experience with us. If you’re interested, check out our careers page — and soon you, too, could join our amorphous blob of weirdness.

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