Tweeting Up The Wrong Tree

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How to write better content for 4 major social media channels

Most business owners would agree that social media is an important part of their overall marketing strategy. It’s a great way to connect with customers, promote services, and heighten visibility. But managing multiple social media accounts can be a frustrating process.

It’s not surprising — there are many little cogs in the social media marketing machine. Which channels do you use? How frequently should you post? And of course, what content should you actually be sharing?

All social media channels are different. They have different character limits and purposes.

They will attract different audiences with different interests and demands. When it comes to writing posts for multiple social media networks, copy-and-paste just won’t cut it.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you write unique copy for some of the essential social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Read on and start writing — or get in touch with nucleo for professional marketing services.


Facebook continues to be a dominating force online, with 95% of social media users maintaining a Facebook profile. It is also the most popular platform used by people aged over 65, offering businesses the opportunity to interact with that specific demographic of customers.

Here are some easy guidelines for creating Facebook posts:

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Twitter users may come in smaller numbers (19% of social media users are proud Tweeps), but its usage has steadily increased over the past few years. Business owners can use Twitter to connect with a different spectrum of their audience, particularly of the ages 18-29.

Here’s how you can start tweeting like a pro:


Instagram is the second-most popular social media platform, with 31% of social media users (made up of both men and women of a diverse range of ages) frequently filtering their photos. Instagram is, of course, a highly visual medium in which photos and videos take precedence, but copywriting still has an important role to play.

So how do we nail those Instagram captions?

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LinkedIn is geared specifically towards professional connections more than social ‘friending’. Used by approximately 24% of social media users, LinkedIn appears to be most popular with the 30-49 age bracket. Users can share post updates, blog or article links, business-related content and more.

Here’s how you can join this unique content distribution platform:

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A Facebook post cannot be tweeted. An Instagram post has no place on LinkedIn. Social media channels are not created equal — each has their own needs and considerations. Remembering the difference between them, and catering to their unique audiences, is the first step in a long road towards successful social media marketing.

Data about social media usage obtained from the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report.

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