Why a marketer should be designing your website, not the IT department

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Your website is a hugely powerful marketing tool, not just a technical aspect of your business. It’s your digital shopfront, or where your customers find out information about your products. While your marketing campaign can easily grab customers attention, the experience users have on your website will determine whether they buy your service or product or not. Almost 75% of visitors judge a business by its design. So why are you leaving the planning, design and execution of this hugely powerful extension of your marketing strategy to your IT department?

The recipe for a good website requires more than just trendy imagery and flashy  menus.

If you want your customers to truly feel the comfort or quality or luxury of the products, you have to make sure the web design is unforgettable. Websites are directly linked to conversion, so your code has to be up to scratch, you can’t have navigation errors and the technical aspects of the site need to be slick. Also, your brand language has to be reflective of your business. But make sure you consider your core values before embarking on a web build, so they are incorporated to the website in every aspect.


So what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? It’s the process of increasing your organic visibility on search engines like Google. Let us be the first to tell you that it’s more important than any of your other digital endeavours. Your site should be easily accessed across all devices, because ask yourself, how often do you look up websites on your phone vs. on a computer? Doesn’t it frustrate you when sites don’t load or look right on your phone?

Websites that aren’t responsive across devices impact your SEO performance. A thoughtful website design has to consider structure and navigation, aesthetics and content, as well as your metadata (information that search engines read to organise, find and understand your website)

A sprinkle of user experience

How annoying are slow websites! Or when you can’t navigate through a site easily to find the information you need? Or when you get bombarded with too many pop-ups? All of those emotions you’ve felt when web surfing are part of the user experience. This just means that whoever built  the site hasn’t considered if you, the user, would be satisfied with your trip around the site. Without user satisfaction, users won’t stay or come back, so it’s key.

Half a cup of compelling messaging

Your IT Department will build your site to work, but a marketing agency knows the messaging and imagery that will resonate most strongly with your target audience .

At nucleo, your marketing comes first. We won’t just slap together a website. We make sure that your website takes into consideration your customers needs desires and inspirations and most importantly helps solves their problems. Once your website has been tested and reviewed for all of the above aspects, it’s ready to be sent live and utilised as your most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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