Fifth Quadrant

A standout design, combining Fifth Quadrant’s new brand with a strategic web presence.

Fifth Quadrant, formerly ACA Research, underwent a re-branding initiative. We were tasked with creating a top-tier website to showcase their expertise, ensuring a strong first impression for various stakeholders. The website serves as a pivotal communication channel, aimed at instilling confidence in their knowledge and driving audience engagement – whether prospective clients, collaborators, partners, government representatives, or potential employees.

What we did


Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of Fifth Quadrant through a collaborative growth partnership, we devised an innovative, creative, and high impact website. Our close collaboration with the Fifth Quadrant team helped translate their core values into a strategic web presence.


We initiated the project by crafting captivating design elements that amplified the new branding. To differentiate Fifth Quadrant from the competitive research landscape, we conceptualised distinctive design elements that resonated with their target audience. The result was a visually stunning and unique website that stands out.


Our tailored website design encapsulates the brand’s essence and ensures a seamless B2B online interaction. Recognising the pivotal role of the website in shaping initial brand impressions, we prioritised a positive user experience. Our goal was to not only attract visitors but also foster return visits, acknowledging that effective websites go beyond just aesthetics to create meaningful user journeys. We meticulously constructed an immersive customer experience from start to finish.

Project outcomes

We constructed an industry-leading website that resonates with Fifth Quadrant’s identity, effectively telling their story and promoting their new brand. The design captures their values and expertise, encouraging meaningful interactions and connections.

Our focus was on delivering a standout design that aligns with Fifth Quadrant’s branding, providing easy access to expert knowledge while communicating their unique positioning in the competitive research landscape.

Implementing a custom WordPress design, we enhanced onsite analytics, mobile view-ability, page load times, and search engine optimisation. The goal was to boost engagement, prolong session duration, reduce bounce rates, and encourage increased contact form submissions.