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Marketing Terms To Know

13th August 2021

Marketing Results Terms Reach - Reach is the total amount of people who have seen either your online ad or your content.  Impressions - Impressions refer to the number of times your ad or content has appeared or been delivered on a user’s screen. The user doesn’t necessarily have to view...

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What elements of brand are there to consider?

6th July 2021

Brand Name The brand name is the first and foremost element to consider when building a brand. Without a name, it is very hard to progress with the other brand elements because a lot can be said within the name. A brand name is the word or phrases of words...

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Why is it important to keep your website updated?

5th June 2021

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of updating your website. If you know your website is outdated, then here is why you should jump onto the issue quickly..   Add E-commerce If 2020 has taught business owners one thing, that is, that business must go on even when the world is at a...

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Everything you need to learn about blog writing

6th May 2021

Name It Yes, this refers to giving your blog a compelling title that is clickable and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly. While it is easy to give your blog a generic title, it is absolutely paramount that you consider how important it is to grab a potential reader's attention. The...

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Instagram Tips and Tricks For Your Business

5th April 2021

Adding a link to your bio Your Instagram bio is essential as it provides the most important info for your business. In this space you can give your full business name, location, opening hours (if applicable), address and a link to your website. Most businesses now have an online presence, whether...

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Content

26th March 2021

Mistake 1: You only think of the search engine Many make the mistake of thinking primarily about the search engine when creating the content. This means that the text is optimized correctly and thus rank better. However, readers usually cannot do anything with such a text, since it is either...

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Why Customer Complaints Are So Important To Address

23rd February 2021

Do you occasionally receive negative comments or feedback on your social media pages? Deleting negative comments is the worst thing you could do, unless of course, the comment is offensive to minorities, disrespectful towards you or your other followers or completely unnecessary spam. If you delete a customer complaint that...

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10 Tips For Better Landing Pages

26th January 2021

Landing pages and SEO: what needs to be considered? In terms of search engines, the landing page has no meaning. Thus, for example, when creating the content for the landing page, you do not need to include a keyword that could influence the ranking in the search engine. Nevertheless, it...

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Why Brand Identity Is Important

17th December 2020

Brand Identity encompasses your image as a whole and will influence your choice of name, logo, colours, graphic and even tone of voice on public communications. Just as we put effort into how we represent ourselves publicly, so too should your company. People want to know who you are, and...

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