U-SERP the Competition

InsightsRead time: 3 mins

One of the best ways to improve your online visibility and engagement is through paid advertising (such as Google AdWords, pay-per-click) and through organic traffic (with search engine optimisation). Some strategists will be inclined to think of these two methods as entirely distinct, but in fact it is beneficial to think of them as complementing concepts.

A unified approach to SEO and SEM can lead to a more effective online marketing strategy, get your site to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) and keep it there.

Here we will explore just some of the benefits that come from this integrated approach:

Test ad copy for use in organic copy

When we run paid campaigns, we test the ad copy with different keywords, so we can analyse its effectiveness and improve future campaigns. But there is no reason why we cannot also use that knowledge for your organic copy.

The testing we do with paid search campaigns helps us to see which content users are finding the most informative, useful, and actionable. By using copy and keywords that we already know perform well, we can create organic content (including the content on landing pages and social media) that generates more leads and improves conversion rates.

Understand more about keywords

Keyword analysis is an important part of understanding user search intent. In other words, it helps us figure out the terms customers are using to find your website, and which of those terms and phrases are producing the best results.

Keyword research helps us to gain a better understanding about keywords, find additional keywords to use, and optimise your traffic. Using these insights, we can create organic content that matches intent, and strengthen both your PPC campaigns and your organic strategies.

Improve brand recognition

Appearing on the first page of results is an essential part of online visibility. Paid advertising is a great way to do this, as it keeps your website on the top of SERPs in the ‘ads’ area. When we couple this with organic placements that are also near the top of the page, your business will be seen more frequently by potential consumers.

By keeping your ads in prominent place, we can build brand recognition, convert customers, and inspire trust for your business.

Dominate the SERP

According to an online study, approximately 60 percent of traffic goes to the top three results on SERPs. So it’s simple — if your website takes up the top rankings, you will be improving your own visibility and creating less opportunity for competitors. This extends from the above point; when you mix sales-driven ads with organic content, you take up more space, capture the user’s eye, and muscle out the competition.

Importantly, you will also be able to appeal to a broader group of potential customers. Paid ads and organic results will attract users at different points in the sales funnel. When searching for products, services or information, users will generally be drawn to your organic placements. Later, when those same visitors are ready to take action, your business will be recognisable in the top ad section.

These are just some of the benefits that come from using paid advertising to drive organic traffic. For the best results, consider how you can invest in paid campaigns to complement your organic strategies and improve your overall SERP ranking.

If you think your business could benefit from paid advertising or search engine optimisation, get in touch with the team at nucleo!