Superbifying Your Brand

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We’ve spoken about fabulising your website. Now it’s time to consider how nucleo can help to superbify your business’s brand.

Branding is essentially the process of attaching meaning to your business in order to communicate ideas to your customers. This can be created through names, logos, characters, slogans, typography, or any combination of elements that operate as signifiers of a business.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Toyota, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola — think of any major company, and your mind should immediately conjure their visual brand; you know who they are and what they offer. These are businesses who have responded to trends, connected with their customers, and created superb branding stories.

So how can you evolve your brand and join the league of legends?


Strong Logos & Slogans

Good logos are a distinctive and memorable feature of any company.

A business’s brand can be supported, furthered and evolved through use of a strong logo, which acts as a metaphoric marker for the face of your company, and helps to create instant brand recognition. Your business needs a logo that is suited to its purpose, uncomplicated, and known to be yours.

Likewise, a specific or meaningful slogan is a great contribution to brand storytelling. A good slogan can enhance the brand and provide some small insight to the company’s core values (Subway: ‘eat fresh’; Apple: ‘think different’; Nike: ‘just do it’). You want a phrase that is memorable, mentally-stimulating, and drives people into action.

A Sense of Fun

Expressing a sense of fun, wonder, and emotion is one of the best ways for a company to connect with their customers.

This can be done is many different ways:

  • use of colour, visual elements, music, dynamic fonts, and so forth in advertising
  • creation of a likeable character or mascot
  • hosting or sponsoring certain events
  • strong interaction with customers on social media
  • writing first-hand, personable blog posts
  • sharing relatable experiences and stories
  • instigating changes in the ways that customers interact with your brand

Consider the branding of Coca-Cola. The ‘Share a Coke with…’ and ‘Coke’s Summer of Fun’ promotions are just two examples of the sense of fun that Coca-Cola consistently aims for. Over many years in business, they have used different advertisements, different slogans, and different ideas, but they have maintained a core value — encouraging consumers to enjoy their products not as a drink, but as a part of their lifestyle.

Power & Participation

Another aspect of connecting with customers is through the trust and empowerment of participation-based content. This can portray the brand as one that values the consumer over all else. An example is McDonald’s new ‘Create Your Own’ burger menu — a product that allows diners freedom and choice in the creation of their meal.

The importance of this kind of customer interaction lies in the portrayal of the brand as unique, immersive, and people-oriented. Remember, your brand is not a thing to be told, but a meaning that is shared with and received by your customers, via the way your business communicates its ideas and values.


Increasingly, many brands are steering away from hard-selling, factual reports, and moving towards more interesting, popular, light-hearted content.

This style of content generation can inspire customer-interaction, stimulate social media, improve corporate image, engender trust, and generally promote a brand story targeted towards customers and their community. This can be an effective way for businesses to establish a personable image that is interested in, talks about, and is passionate towards the same things as their customers.


As stated earlier, the best businesses have a brand that can immediately be summoned to the mind of any consumer. A strong aspect of this memorability can be attributed to consistency — not necessarily in individual elements like logo, slogan, products, or services, but rather in the business’s recognised ideals.

While a brand story should develop, evolve and grow, it should nonetheless remain inherently true to the cultural meanings, messages, reputations and emotions that your customers recognise within it.

Better branding for better businesses

Branding is more than an advertising strategy — it is a metaphor for what your business is, what it does, and what it intends to become. Your branding story is a complete picture of your business, shared by you, your customers and your community.

The talented nucleo team is ready to help you create a successful story to superbify your brand. Get in touch today to get started!