the nucleo workplace weirdos

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Most of us will spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. We travel to the same office, we sit in the same chair, and we stare at the same computer to do the same work beside the same people. This sort of perpetual existence could be soul-crushing in the wrong atmosphere.

Thankfully, nucleo has mastered the skill of unique productivity

We know that a good workplace means happy workers means focused minds means better results for our clients. Because we are a fairly small business, the importance of social interaction and close-knit relationships becomes tenfold in order to ensure that each team member feels self-satisfied, dedicated to the job, and content among their fellow weirdos.

How do we do this? With team events. Somewhat random team events.

Back in April, we celebrated the Easter weekend with a lunch at Dangarsleigh Falls, complete with sausage sandwiches, a bottle of wine, chocolate eggs and a challenging trivia quiz. (Did you know the word ‘Easter’ comes from Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of Love and Fertility? We sure didn’t.) Everyone got into the spirit and had a great time — even Sam, who carted 15kg of water up the hill after all the lads forgot about it.

The next celebration? May the 4th be with you… Star Wars Day, of course! The team got into the Jedi spirit with impressive costumes and fun prizes, while A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back screened through the projector on the back wall.

Awesome, it was. A nerd, Greg is.


Come June, it was time to celebrate Global Beatles Day. Admittedly, we listened to Yellow Submarine enough times to last us a lifetime, but it was another day of fun. And naturally, we couldn’t call it Beatles Day without a crosswalk photo.

The next month brought about a Christmas in July celebration, and with it we demonstrated our most enthusiastic dress-up efforts to date — especially Tim the Tree. (Have you ever seen a guy dressed as a tree participate in a serious business meeting? It’s quite the experience.) The day was capped off with burgers, chips, and a good ol’ Yankee Swap that involved a cup cosy and a selfie stick being stolen at least five times.

We’re now anticipating National Book Week at the end of August. If you come into the office that day, you’ll likely see eight or so book characters busily typing away at their computers. That’s perfectly normal. (Hop over to our Instagram so you never miss out on seeing our wonderful weirdos being wonderfully weird.)

Make no mistake — we here at nucleo know how to knuckle down and get the work done. But at the heart of our business, we are a party of pals, a crowd of comrades, a band of bros! We say ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’, we sit down for morning tea catch-ups, we look forward to team-bonding activities, and we celebrate birthdays and holidays and all other oddities. And because of that, we can enjoy a higher quality of life in the workplace that leads to better results for our clients.

Inside the old building where there is a shelf full of Nerf guns, a bicycle screwed up on the wall, and a mural made of business cards, you’ll find the nucleo team hard at work — busy and content.

Bunch of weirdos, the lot of us.