Designing a creative and consistent line of product packaging for an Australian aromatherapy company.

Product packaging for aromatherapy brand

Springfields is an Australian made and owned aromatherapy and beauty supply shop that was established in Sydney in 1989. They are committed to delivering a range of pure and natural skin, body and hair care products, plus essential oils that are free from animal testing and harsh ingredients. núcleo was tasked with developing the Springfields brand to create consistency across their product range and reflect their unique market proposition.

Creating brand consistency

Springfields is a brand that aims to set the benchmark for purity and quality in aromatherapy and body care products. But before engaging with núcleo, Springfields was facing challenges in communicating their brand to their consumers. Inconsistency of logo, fonts and colours were reducing brand loyalty and impacting cross-sell opportunities. Even if a customer fell in love with their Organic Skin Care products, they were unlikely to associate the Hair Care range as being from the same company.

Their new product packaging had to achieve several goals. It needed to express their passion for nature and for the botanical extracts that form the basis of what they produce. It needed to communicate with and attract the target market. And it needed to establish a strong and consistent brand identity across their product lines.

Beautiful and functional designs

With a colour palette inspired from organic sources like leaves, fruits and flowers, the new branding reflects Springfields’ elegance, purity and clinical nature. The packaging was designed with usability in mind, ensuring the text could be easily read on both the product itself and (when applicable) its boxing. Additionally, the use of consistent brand elements means that each product is now immediately recognisable, with a well-developed link between product ranges.

Our creative team considered all aspects of design and product packaging selection in order to produce a truly distinct deliverable. In the case of the Springfields Hair Care range, this even included designing the dimensions for the bottle to have a custom mould developed and unique bottles manufactured.

Our product packaging reflects the core values of the brand, creates a crucial sense of continuity, and attracts customers to the exciting range of Springfields products.

Powerful, positive results

Thus far, we have worked with Springfields to elevate their brand and create consistency for their Organic Plant Oils and Hair Care ranges. The results have been fantastic. All sales reps are reporting that it has been easier to obtain shelf space for the Springfields products, as retailers are keen to have the beautiful packaging on their shelves. They have also seen an increase in sales due to improved brand awareness and greater customer appeal.

Maria, the Brand Manager of Springfields, provided her own feedback: “These are amazing. This is the best outcome I have seen from a design project!” We’re proud of the positive results our designs have brought to Springfields, and we look forward to creating additional product packaging in the future.