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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was the impetus for an enormous increase in online shopping, for young and older generations in Australia and globally, with many months of lockdown and fear of leaving our homes in order to avoid becoming infected with the virus. It is important now, more than ever, to have an online business presence. Additionally, if you can sell a product or service in your store, you should be selling online as well. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many small businesses being forced to quickly build e-Commerce websites in order to survive.

According to Australia Post, $50.46 billion was the total spend at the online checkout in 2020. Compared to 2019, there was an average of 1 million additional households that purchased online per month. For all businesses needing to build an e-Commerce platform in this competitive marketplace, it is essential that you start things off right by opting for a professionally built online store. Creating an e-commerce store on your own may save money in the short term but could be detrimental in the long term. A well designed website, built by experts will help your business thrive in this rapidly growing sector, where you will experience great results. A new website, with fantastic Search Engine Optimisation, functionality and user experience will allow you to increase your customer base and generate more sales and income.

E-Commerce is not just limited to retail. If your business provides a service that could benefit by offering online bookings, payments, memberships or subscriptions you should definitely consider talking to the núcleo team about how we can develop a customised ecommerce website for you!

Essentials of Ecommerce Website Development

Having multiple payment methods on your eCommerce website can increase your sales by giving your customers a choice of payment option. Here at núcleo we can easily incorporate any payment method or payment gateway of your choosing into your eCommerce website. A large proportion of customers will often abandon their cart if their preferred payment is unavailable, our specialised team can give you recommendations to which payment methods would work best for you, drive traffic to your website, and keep your best interest at heart.


Customers abandoning their cart at checkout has become a concern that eCommerce website owners want to steer clear from. Here at núcleo we offer advanced shopping cart optimisation solutions that decrease the chances of cart abandonment, these include effortless checkout navigation, retargeting cookies to bring back old customers and saving returning customers cart items so upon their return its easy to complete their purchase, all of which are proven techniques to increase sales.



Nicely optimised search and filtering options can help your customers find exactly what they need. The search bar of your site should show a list of popular related products whenever a potential customer types a product related keyword. Similarly, when a customer views a product, a list of related products should appear at the bottom of the page.

Don’t worry if you find this complicated. Our expert team will configure your site to automate the process. Of course, you can also manually add items to the suggested product list, if you have something specific in mind.

At núcleo, when designing your eCommerce website it comes with standard in-built customer management tools. Our team can help you add specialised features such as live chat capabilities, subscriptions to newsletters or other emails, analytic functionality, customer/shipping profiles or any other custom options you would prefer.

In your ecommerce dashboard, you can easily view which products are most popular with your customers according to views and sales. Answering customer queries and handling their requests are also made simple via the back end. Various customer management options help you take care of your valued clients and keep them visiting your online store.

Our experienced team at núcleo can help you build a user friendly, easily navigated eCommerce website to increase your overall revenue. Our design team can help you create a flawless visual layout for your online store that highlights your products focuses on your business’ image.

The website we design for you will give you the ability to run sales campaigns, special offers, promotions or customers to create an account or wish list. Our knowledgable team can help you choose from a large range of sales options and give you expert advice on which features would be best for your business.


Google Shopping is an amazing opportunity for small and large business’ to grow their eCommerce sales. Communicating with customers through specifically tailored, highly engaging, goal-optimised ads will encourage new and existing customers to visit your online store and make a purchase. Here at núcleo our expert team can assist brands of all sizes decrease their advertising spend while simultaneously boosting their sales revenue. If you’re looking for an experienced, results driven and trustworthy agency, then we’re your team.

E-Commerce Platforms We Work On

Extend your business’ sale potential with a cleverly designed e-Commerce platform built for results. Our web design agency works with leading eCommerce platforms to ensure that the foundation of your online store is equipped with the best technology available. We also provide the opportunity for you to have a consultation with an e-Commerce expert to determine what e-Commerce platform will best suit your business needs. After a consultation, our design and development team will give your e-Commerce platform its own personal touch, factoring in your design preferences and combining this with their expert knowledge.

Tailor-Made E-Commerce Websites

Your business has the potential to reach an enormous range of customers across the globe if you digitise your platform and serve them online. We understand that not all online businesses are the same, with different selling points, business goals, products, web functions, target audiences and budgets. That’s why our talented web design team offer customised e-Commerce website development services with modern design, practicality, functionality and usability at the core of the design process. We also offer a variety of plugins that are tailored to your e-Commerce needs, ensuring the ultimate user experience.

Ecommerce Websites Our Sydney Web Designers Have Built

We work with leading brands to develop quality, customised, e-Commerce platforms that rapidly increase their sales and achieve their business goals. Our talented, hard working team are real people who are passionate about working with our clients to get results, always striving to ensure they grow and succeed both online and offline.