HVG Graphics Media

A custom E-commerce website solution integrated with MYOB Greentree enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

HVG Graphics Media, a division of HVG  provide quality media and substrates direct to customers to print, fabricate and manufacture all types of value added visual and print communication.

Nucleo were engaged to design and develop a new HVG Graphics Media website to provide a modern E-commerce solution that deeply integrated with their existing customised MYOB Greentree ERP setup.

Our approach


Due to the large scope of the project, it was approached and executed in several phases, starting with an analysis and investigation on the best platform to build the website on given the complex requirements. After consideration, it was decided to proceed with the WordPress CMS using WooCommerce for the E-commerce requirements. This allowed for a high “the sky is the limit” level of customisation due to the open-source nature of the software.


Our design team focused on creating an intuitive layout with continual feedback from the HVG marketing and customer service teams to arrive at a simple but highly functional interface that can display a large quantity of product data in an easy to read format.


We integrated the MYOB Greentree API to provide real-time queries for stock items, pricing structures and customer data, with a focus on performance and security. In addition to real-time queries, automated functions were also created to ensure the entire product database was updated daily.

Project outcomes

A customised E-commerce platform with advanced capabilities

Our development team built upon the core WordPress and WooCommerce capabilities to create a highly customised industry-leading E-commerce website both on the frontend and backend of the website with a seamless user experience across all devices and platforms. Feedback from customers has reflected highly on the site’s usability and the ease of use.