Superyacht Crew Academy

Fresh branding and a new website for a training organisation in the maritime industry.

Superyacht Crew Academy is a registered training organisation and industry leader in the maritime area. They offer a range of accredited courses and study pathways as well as operating as the Sydney Maritime Institute, which provides training for those working on Australian commercial vessels.


Our design team undertook a redesign of the Superyacht Crew Academy with the new logo resulting in a slick modern result. Next, the fonts and colours were redesigned to enable a fresh rollout to extend into their documentation, business signage and marketing materials. Once this was finalised we set about working on the website design and build.

Website design and development

A custom website project includes a deep dive into the goals and objectives looking at the user journey and experience. The courses were varied and interconnected and we had to ensure a newcomer could easily identify eligibility, availability and sensible order to complete alongside cost and suitability to career progression and outcomes. A filter and icon style was developed to allow this to deliver seamless results. The useful info page is packed with FAQs and hidden nicely to reduce overwhelm and the entire website required careful design and image selection to convey the opportunity and reality of life onboard.

Our approach


With both International and Australian recognised qualifications on offer, the Superyacht team came to us with the plan for a logo redesign and a new website that had to keep up with the changing times, meet students needs and to help them easily realise the dream of working on a Superyacht or in the Maritime industry across a range of roles and skills. The website refresh allowed us to consider the user audience expectations and make finding and booking a course simple.  


In our website design we ensured that the end user was able to quickly and easily identify their personal training needs and goals, and quickly and easily navigate the career path best suited to them. In addition, the ability to identify responses to all questions helped to free up administration time at the business through providing quick information at the users fingertips.


Our custom website design brought all the elements together in a cohesive way through branding, and a straightforward way for the customer to navigate through the website, providing a seamless experience.

Project outcomes

A simple, user-friendly website

This website was required to help solve the problem of customer information overload, and to provide a one-stop shop for the customer journey. With a focused vision and several meetings to define the scope of the project in detail, we were able to achieve a website that fit the brief.