The Welder’s Dog

In 2017, beer loving mates Tom, Phil and Dan committed to their dream of bringing their Farmhouse Ginger Ale to the consumer market.

They knew it was really good, and their customers down at the bar they owned wanted more of it – but they’d blown up too many blenders in the kitchen and it was time to go big. Launching a successful craft beer business was going to be about a lot more than just moving cans, they needed a brand, an internet presence and a distribution network. That’s where nucleo stepped in.

What we did

Website design and development

Websites are usually the first thing a customer engages with, and the anchor point for your online presence. It was important for us to build a website for The Welder’s Dog that encapsulated the heart of their brand, in addition to providing functional E-commerce solutions to grow online sales.

Branding and creative design

Packaging is an important part of any consumer brand, because it’s the part that your customers physically touch. We created strong and unique branding that sets The Welder’s Dog apart from their competitors, and communicates who they are.

Strategic digital and print marketing

We worked in partnership with The Welder’s Dog to drive their brand forward to achieve their goals. Through creative and strategic marketing campaigns we continue to build their brand and increase sales revenue, both online and offline.

Our approach


Having developed an in depth understanding of their business through the growth partnership approach, nucleo was able to tailor a brand that was innovative and effective. Our marketing team worked closely with The Welder’s Dog to understand the core values of their brand, what they wanted to achieve and what would be required to make that happen. Great marketing is never based on guesswork, and all of our unique brand strategies are based on extensive market research and backed by our team’s experience.


Our first job was to start working on some amazing branding assets. In order to set themselves apart in the busy craft beer industry, Welder’s Dog was going to require some unique branding that stood apart from their competitors and spoke to their target demographics.

Our innovative design team built a suite of branded assets covering everything from website to cans, boxes and stationary. nucleo was able to tailor a visual brand that was innovative and effective.


Our bespoke website design brings all the brand elements to life, while delivering a seamless E-commerce online shopping experience. We know that in today’s marketplace, the website is often a customer’s first experience with a brand – and first impressions count.

Our goal was to foster engaging user experiences that would see users not only coming to the website once, but returning many times over. There’s more to making successful websites than looks and hits.

We dove deep into the user experience and developed an engaging customer journey from beginning to end.

Project outcomes

Ongoing strategic development

nucleo continues to work in partnership with The Welder’s Dog to develop strategic marketing campaigns that are designed to reach the audience, achieve specific targets and further grow their brand. By working closely with our clients, we’re able to get to the heart of their vision and bring it to life through creative campaigns, specialised digital marketing strategies and ongoing social media development and support.

Unique branding

Our talented team of designers built a suite of brand assets for The Welder’s Dog to firmly establish their presence in the Australian craft beer market. In an extremely busy growing industry, it can be hard to stand out. Our stylish branding not only makes them unique, but allows them to communicate visually with their customers across every possible touchpoint.

Increased online revenue

Providing The Welder’s Dog with a customised E-commerce platform tailored to their brand and unique requirements meant that our marketing team were able to drive their online sales. Backing this up with social media and ongoing evolution of the brand has seen their online sales continue to grow year on year.