Fox Wood Co

Creating a unique brand combined with an amazing web presence.

In June 2020, during the first COVID-19 lockdown, two Aussie families decided to manufacture wooden Montessori play equipment for children and they’ve never looked back!

Fox Wood Co aims to provide a diverse range of Montessori inspired play equipment and furniture for children that enriches the lives of families all over Australia.

After facing job uncertainty in the midst of the pandemic, they launched their website and got on the tools to make a negative situation into a positive one. Whilst they had grown a significant social media following six months down the track, they still needed a little helping hand to boost online revenue. That’s where nucleo stepped in.

What we did

Branding and creative design

We understand the endless hours of hard work and dedication that goes towards starting a small business and building a brand from scratch. That’s why we worked with the team at Fox Wood Co to implement fresh new branding while ensuring their original vision did not get lost in the process. We created social media asset templates and re-designed their website to give it character, boldness and elegance. It was important to highlight the quality of the brand, while maintaining their fun and playful character. 

Website design and development

Our aim was to create an online storefront that emphasised the quality of their products, was easy to navigate and increased conversion rates. We tidied up the original design by making each product category a prominent feature on the home page, modernised the subscription pop up and implemented image and text sections surrounded by playful circles across their product pages.

Our team worked together to ensure the best Search Engine Optimisation and functionality across the e-commerce website by adding keywords throughout their website copy, updating their plugins and adding an up-sell function to each product.

Strategic digital marketing

Foxwood Co has a strong relationship with a number of brand ambassadors who promote their products and supply them with images. They had also been using social media assets to build their brand audience across various social media platforms.

Our digital marketing experts evaluated their ads and provided assistance with optimising Facebook and Instagram ads by targeting the right audience and attaching engaging videos and assets. Alongside our digital optimisation strategy, our creative marketing team has been continuing to develop the brand’s identity through product launches, email marketing campaigns and copywriting.

Partnering with a small business requires a particular type of strategy that focuses on celebrating and building up the hard work that has already been put in place. When designing our strategies for Fox Wood Co. we were always mindful of maintaining their personality, and clear lines of communication with our clients.