WPE Freight Services

A new digital presence for a trusted business in the transport and freight services sector.

WPE provides time sensitive, tailored freight solutions Australia-wide. They are a trusted business in the transport and freight services sector, partnering with their clients to ensure the supply and distribution divisions of the businesses they serve are an efficient extension of their operation. 

Our team was approached by the owner of WPE to provide their first website despite them having been in business for a long time. It had to be a strong marketing platform that accurately reflects the size, scale, services and personality of the business operation. 


The branding was revived and refreshed using a vibrant and modern design so that the history was not lost and familiarity retained. New style elements were selected and agreed and new brand guidelines were produced to enable all future marketing to incorporate these new standards. The result was a visually engaging and informative website targeted to their broad customer base.

Website design and development

WPE Freight Services wanted to showcase their size and capabilities to commercial clients across a range of industries with unique needs. We worked closely to define the goals of a new custom website that was designed in consultation with the WPE team to achieve their desired outcome of being visually appealing whilst covering a summary of key information in a clean, clear design. 

Our approach


Going into this project, it was important to supply a website that would not simply be a branding exercise but to help WPE Freight Services to streamline their current business processes and appeal to their customers and stakeholders as a tool to help them grow. Over the course of several discussions, we were able to identify the needs of stakeholders in the project, and help deliver a project that ticked each of those boxes.


We built a tracking tool and added introduced a request quote page and looked at how to best recruit future staff for growth via a careers page. Copywriting services were provided by our team to enhance the messaging and the finished product has been well received by customers and staff. The new website is kicking goals for WPE Freight Services both internally, and externally, helping their customer base to find information fast and effectively.


We continue to work with WPE Freight Services to assist them with their branding needs and website updates on an ongoing basis.

Project outcomes

A visually effective, user-friendly website

The user has been delivered useful tools to track freight and request quotes directly from the website, saving valuable time where employees can focus on other elements of the business. Similarly, the ease of use and simplicity of the website allows customers to easily and quickly find the information they require. 


A subtle but effective modern rebranding of the logo and colour scheme was woven into the design work to compliment and refresh the branding and allowed us to create a stylish website design that is both functional and practical. Most importantly, customers are not overwhelmed by information and they can spend time focusing on the most important points of the website