Waterfall Way

An exciting journey of discovery linking Armidale to Coffs Coast weaving through national parks, epic waterfalls, gorges and magical forests.

The Waterfall Way is one of the world’s most breathtaking drives.

The Waterfall Way will take you on a journey of wonder and amazement as you follow the path of the water as it travels from the historic city of Armidale through five national parks, waterfalls, rivers and gorge country until it arrives at the pristine beaches of the Coffs Coast.

Nucleo was engaged to create a mini-site promoting tourism along the Waterfall Way between Armidale and Coffs Harbour to attract visitors to this regional NSW area through use of engaging video content and animated elements.

What we did


We built the site on the WordPress platform, and integrated it with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse platform (ATDW) to help attract visitors to the region. In this project, we wanted to increase the engagement of visitors through animated elements, video content and the structure of the website. We also wanted to ensure that up-to-date content and information about listed attractions and accommodation was readily available to website visitors.


The design we wanted to reflect was simple, easily accessible and easy to navigate. In addition, we wanted to tell the “story” of the Waterfall Way through the use of videos and photos that made the website come to life.

We showcased photos and videos from marketing campaigns in the region and worked within the established brand guidelines to present a website that looked and felt “compelling” to potential tourists and visitors to the region.


A design was developed that highlights the region and captures the beauty of the area through distinct photography and story. In addition, the user-accessibility of the website as well as the focus on storytelling through copy on the website makes this website a compelling “sell” for the magnificent scenery of the Waterfall Way.

Project outcomes

A user-friendly and engaging website

The final website appeals to even the most discerning tourist, offering an array of activities to do and places to visit along the Waterfall Way, and capturing the picturesque scenery through a variety of photographs. It is a visually engaging website which helps visitors to plan their trip to the Waterfall Way.