Uniplan Group provides fully customised modular homes, granny flats and holiday cabins — designed to customer specifications, built in their local Armidale factory, and delivered to sites across Australia.

With an extensive amount of information, graphics, digital brochures, options and other content to share, Uniplan required a fully customised software solution for a website that would ensure optimal user experience.

Together we worked to adjust their content approach to align with the customer journey. Our web development team worked under a strict requirement to finalise the website in time to match the updated catalogue that was also being produced.

What we did

Website design and development

The Uniplan website offers a unique experience where functionality is key. This was a project that our web developers poured themselves into, with fantastic results.

We built a custom theme to modernise and enhance Uniplan’s appearance and online visibility, with a strong focus on user experience. The usability of the site is crucial for converting visitors into clients, and for assuring potential buyers and holiday park owners of the integrity of Uniplan’s work.

The site needed to guide consumers through the amazing customisation options available to them. When a visitor first reaches the site, they are now asked if they are looking for ‘Homes’ or ‘Holiday Cabins’ — this is a simple way to divide the content from the get-go and help direct the user to where they want to be. Then, upon entering the website, users may browse through the content freely, or begin creating a mood-board with Your Design.

Custom software solutions

The Your Design board was a unique customisation we provided for Uniplan Group, wherein users can create a mood board of their favourite features throughout the website. Always accessible at the top of the screen (even while scrolling), Your Design’s base functionality allows people to collect their preferred plans, designs, colour schemes and inclusions to create a custom webpage based on their selections.

Extensions further improved this software; users can easily add items to Your Design by clicking the heart icon on homes or customisation, add or remove individual options, or create a unique URL with which they can share their dream home with friends and family.

These innovative, user-centred processes ensure that the Uniplan Group site is usable, accessible, and valuable to their customers.

Project outcomes

We understood that costs would be an important consideration for visitors of the Uniplan site, and so we enabled a function wherein users could input their postcode while browsing the homes. This would then produce price estimates for each design, including the cost of delivery.

Homes and customisations can also be categorised and viewed based on a Silver-Gold-Platinum tiered system, allowing visitors to create their own balance between price and opulence. This was a great way to maximise conversion and guarantee a satisfactory user experience.

Additionally, we populated several optimised landing pages and added a blog section to enable easy and regular content updates. This was all part of improving Uniplan Group’s online visibility, which worked a treat; following the launch of the new site, organic traffic grew by 81 percent year-on-year.

The Uniplan website is a great example of the nucleo team’s versatility and digital skill. We were able to deliver exclusive software solutions that were tailored to the needs of Uniplan Group and their customers — and on top of that, it looks pretty darn good, too.