Law Partners

Strengthening the brand position of a leading Australian law practice while improving usability and SEO performance.

Law Partners are Australia’s largest specialist personal injury law firm, helping over 3000 Australians every year with their motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, medical negligence, public liability and superannuation / TPD claims.

Having reached the limit of what their old website could provide, Law Partners approached núcleo to design and develop a long-lasting online website platform within a very short time frame. The brief required a mobile-first approach and adherence to established brand guidelines while providing a streamlined user experience to visitors of any socioeconomic status. Organic SEO performance and load speed were also key target goals for this project, with a target goal of sub-two second loading speeds across the website.

What we did


The núcleo team set to creating a plan that ensured all project goals were met and exceeded. This involved identifying exactly who Law Partners were and their identified brand, along with their key demographics and competitors, and a clear strategic direction forwards for their online presence. Along with creating target KPIs to ensure the project strategically progressed.


The núcleo design team started with detailed website wire-frames using a mobile-first approach to map out how the website would perform in mobile-view and then expanding out with a fluid responsive layout that looks fantastic on any device or screen resolution.


The site was built using the WordPress CMS and the núcleo team made extensive use of the new native Gutenberg block system to create a library of custom blocks and functions that allow the client to easily and efficiently manage their own content and build a wide variety of page layouts without developer assistance.

Through a highly optimised bundler setup, our development team were able to compile code into the smallest cross-device compatible files possible in order to help achieve performance goals.

Project outcomes

The new aesthetic and high level of optimisation detail applied throughout the development not only achieved, but exceeded Law Partner’s expectations, with the new website surpassing performance targets and providing an intuitive best practice user experience optimised for lead generation for website visitors.

Strengthening the brand position while improving the SEO performance of the site were primary objectives with this site build. To ensure the best user experience, the project was undertaken with target KPIs for performance and load time which were comfortably achieved by our development team. Landing pages were generated to enhance conversions from organic and paid traffic and the site also features sophisticated geo-location and live chat functionality.